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Go Green At Home

Today is the day that everyone should think about going green.

Why go green? From an efficiency and a sustainability standpoint it is just common sense and courtesy.

Waste Not Want Not right? When you use things efficiently, you save money, and when you reuse and recycle you are preserving resources for future generations. Remember, we are just borrowing the planet from our descendants, so wouldn't it be wise to leave something for them?

Also by going green you will save money, save money, save money. Or for those who doubt out there, recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for 3 hours. Think about it.

Go Green in Your Home and you can make a difference today by:

* Buying the right products;

* Disposing of your garbage properly;

* Recycle to save our resources and helping the community;

* Saving energy resources;

* Performing A Home Energy Audit;

* Composting kitchen and yard waste;

* Protecting our water supply;

* Creating Drought Tolerant landscape;

* Buying Energy Saving Appliances;

* Buying Organic Products;

* Telling your friends and neighbors;

* Thinking of the consequences daily;

Each individual can make a difference to help save the planet by learning and doing the following:

* Understanding why you should Go Green;

* Learning to adapt your lifestyle to benefit the planet;

* How and What to Recycle to save our resources;

* Reduce the amount of waste in landfills;

* Help your community;

* Live a healthier life;

* Saving energy and put money in your pocket;

* Recycle home waste products

* Buy the right products with recyclable packaging

* Buy local

* Install a rain barrel

* Buy energy saving light bulbs

* Calculate your carbon footprint

What About Global Warming?

There is an ongoing debate about global warming. Some scientists state that human activity has detrimental effects on the planet, while others say that the earth itself is the major contributor due to volcanic activity. Whether you believe in global warming or not, ask yourself if the possibility of environmental consequences, are enough to make you think. We are talking about the possibility of destroying our planet for future generations.

Why take the chance that global warming is a hoax? Most people will agree that it is a bad idea to release toxic chemicals into the water, soil or air. Listen to your common sense and take the first steps in the right direction. If each one of us contributes just a little, we can all make a difference. Living green can make a difference.  

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Click on this link to learn how to or Go Green In Your Home.