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How Hydrogen Can Save the World

There is a lot of hype about hydrogen in the news today. Not surprisingly, this is due to our dependence on foreign oil. It is no secret that there are only two ways for the United States to experience freedom from our dependence on foreign oil: increase our production, or decrease our demand. The most promising route is to create alternative sources of energy, a source that is available in the United States. There are many options; however only one will produce fastest and most economical results and that is hydrogen.

Lawmakers and government officials have been looking at many alternative sources of energy for a long time. They have considered coal, natural gas, wind, solar, water and nuclear energy over the years. Still, the best option appears to be hydrogen, and for good reason. Hydrogen is plentiful, is more effective at storing energy than batteries, it burns twice as effectively in a fuel cell than gasoline, and leaves only water in it's wake, not chemicals.

In order to get this done in a timely manner, the US will have to put to rest the complacency and get to work. In as little as ten years we could see mass production of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Ten years, if the US develops a plan and gets to work. According to one group of researchers and developers, there are five objectives that the United States would have to take care of to make this a realization. It relies on the fact that the US would have to utilize existing infrastructures to get it done. After the supply and demand is lined up, a cleaner version of the hydrogen product could be created.

1. Come up with a solution to the hydrogen fuel-tank dilemma. In other words, should gaseous, liquid or solid hydrogen be used? The simplest of the three options would be gaseous, however the most promising would be the solid hydrogen because of the method of dispersal.

2. Mass production of fuel-cell cars would have to become priority. Today, the cars are slow to release to the public. With a mass production and release of new and fuel efficient cars, many believe that Americans will be much more responsive to the concept of a new type of vehicle.

3. The government must create the fuel infrastructure for hydrogen-powered cars. Of course, unless consumers are convinced they can fuel up when they need it, they are not going to invest in the car. The fuel-cell cars and the infrastructure will have to move forward at the same pace and get completed simultaneously.

4. Find a way to mass-produce hydrogen in a clean way. Ideally, it would be best to create a power source from solar, wind or hydropower to produce the electricity needed to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

5. A public campaign would have to be started to sell the new technology. American consumers are waiting for an alternative such as this. However, one key component is going to be cost. Expecting the average American consumer to shell out two to four times more for a car is not practical in today's slow economy. If the government can find a way to make a hydrogen car that is fuel efficient, clean to the environment and cost effective, they will hit a home run with the people of this country.

With costs going up for everything, Americans are desperate for an answer. Gasoline engines are no longer practical, not only because of costs but also because of our increased dependency and strained country relationships. It is time that we take matters into our own hands and introduce the energy source of the future, and that is definitely hydrogen.

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About the author 

Hi, this is Michael Raber an avid environmentalist. I have been around and have seen the negative effects of our abuse of this world's natural resources the most alarming of which is global warming. I felt it was my obligation to do something and I wrote some articles on the subject. Give them a read and let's start making a difference for our children's sake.