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Improving Indoor Spaces With Feng Shui

If there are two elements of Feng Shui that can be modified and improved at your beck and call they are - the presence, quantity, visibility and health of indoor plants and the lighting of your home or living area.

Plants can fill spaces where qi is absent or hide sharp corners that generate the secret arrows of sha qi. Large plants will also slow qi down. It is important to choose what works well for your local area and follow your own cultural traditions when it comes to indoor plants. A flourishing plant, not a sick one, improves your
Feng Shui, and what is considered a lucky choice by some cultures may be considered unlucky by others.

Feng Shui plants vary from region to region, but there are some basic well held standards with which you can never go wrong. The choices of plants that traditionally are considered to create harmony are first the impala lily. The impala lily is the "flower of wealth and prosperity" and is well placed in your living room or near the front of a shop or business. Next in line is the "money plant". This evergreen plant is guaranteed to bring wealth as well as long life. On top of that the "money plant" is effective in offices and home as well as business studies. Cactus plants are well known to ward off "evil spirits". The chili plants symbolized growth and wealth. Lastly it can be said that at Chinese New Year, the Chinese bring plum blossom into their homes as it represents growth and renewal. In the same way indoor plants with red, yellow or orange flowers will add colors and yin to a room.

The next element to consider, that you can change or vary to improve you personal Feng Shui is light. Light represents education. Light represents energy. Best of all natural light is good
Feng Shui. Artificial lighting can help adjust the qi in dark or difficult spots. However take special care that the artificial light that you set up or arrange creates a similar stabilizing effect as natural light. Ensure and insist that you have a balance between the two - natural light and artificial light.

If you can take care that glare from the outside is softened by drapes, curtains or blinds. In a similar manner harsh overhead lighting can be oppressive whereas table lamps create soft pools of light and overall make a room feel much more relaxed/ an upward facing floor lamp can and will help stimulate qi in dark corners or sunken rooms.

Even if you honestly think that you have done all the work you can possibly do to increase the lighting as well as indoor plants benefits of
Feng Shui there are always additional touches to add just a bit more. It's all synergistic. Washing a wall with light will bring energy to an area. Candles will add yang qualities to a yin area

It's all an effect that will work together. Indoor plants will enhance, build and channel the positive forces in your living and working areas. Well chosen lighting will best serve to accent and focus those vital energies..

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