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Japanese Facial Secrets

Most women from Japan are trained early in life to cleanse their skin followed by moisturizing it. They also go to almost extreme lengths to stay out of the sun. Anyone can improve the condition of their skin if they follow Japanese skincare guidelines.

Healthy skincare begins with the use of products that are natural for the skin and that includes the basic first step of washing gently. Cleansing is meant to wash away grime and dirt not to deplete your skin of all its natural oils.

Performing the correct cleansing actions is only one part of why people from Japan seem to age very gracefully. Another reason is due to their diet. As you know, Japanese love their seafood whether it is cooked or raw. They usually eat about ten times as much as we in the Western world.

This gives the Japanese, in general, a regular supply of omega-3 fatty acids from their freshly consumed seafood. These acids are excellent for giving your skin a vibrant appearance. By the way, they are also vital to maintain heart health and are also beneficial for your eyes and hair. All this helps to maintain a youthful looking appearance.

There is more to Japanese skincare than simply what you have just learned.

There is a type of kelp found in the Japanese Sea that is extensively cultivated and eaten fresh or dried because of its health-giving properties especially to keep skin looking young. This contains a powerful antioxidant called phytessence wakame.

What is so special about this substance that is such a part of Japanese skincare?

Active ingredients: these are essential to protect the skin against possible damage from the sun's rays and the environment.

Antioxidant properties: to counteract the action of free radicals before they can damage the skin and lead to the premature aging of it.

Important minerals: these are rich in calcium and B-group vitamins to help to reduce inflammation and also heal irritated or dry skin.

Inhibits activity of hyaluronidase: this enzyme breaks down hyaluronic acid in the skin. This acid is essential to maintain your skin's elasticity and tone. It also binds the fibers of collagen and elastin to help you keep your youthful appearance.

This is one of several natural substances present in skincare products made by an ethical company you may not have heard of in the West. One of the secrets of Japanese skincare can be yours simply by using their products. Have a look at my website where you will learn about many more natural extracts that will put you on the road to having skin similar to our Far Eastern neighbors.         
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