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Japanese Geta Sandals

When you think of Japanese footwear, you probably think of a very distinct sandal style. This style is called “geta”. Japanese geta sandals are a form of footwear that is similar to the American flip-flop, but with an elevated wooden base. Their origin dates back to 300 B. C. and were often worn by Japanese geishas. They served many purposes, but were worn mainly to keep the feet dry in rain and snow. Their elevated height made them perfect for this use.

Essentially, Japanese geta sandals are any sandal with a separate heel. They are most often made of wood, but are also made of vinyl and other modern materials. These days they are mainly worn by Japanese women with a summer kimono called a yukata. Some men wear even geta sandals with modern clothing such jeans. They take some practice to learn to walk in them properly, but once you get it down, you’ve got an excellent and unique footwear choice that goes with almost anything.

These days, Japanese geta sandals are gaining popularity in western culture. They are a great option for women who want a unique type of high heel or want to match any Asian-themed outfit. You can purchase them in many styles. If you choose the wooden variety, you will be able to find plain ones as well as highly decorated varieties. Or for something a little more modern, consider a pair made of black vinyl.

You can find Japanese geta sandals in a variety of places for a variety of prices. Many American stores are making copy geta sandals at an excellent price. If you want something authentic, you should consider looking on the internet. A specialty Asian internet store is a great place to find a wide variety of geta sandals. Or check on sites such as to find a great deal on a pair of real geta sandals.

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