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Japanese Skin Care Begins With Eating Habits

As we pause to take stock of the way our skin is looking and perhaps worry about its dry and dull appearance, we rarely remember that a lot of it has got to do with the way we ourselves are treating it. It doesn't matter how much time and money we may lavish on moisturizing and toning every day, it's what we are eating and drinking that makes the difference.. Take a look at what affects your skin on a daily basis:

-- less than satisfactory nutrition (no vegetables or fruits for me today);

-- junk food (just one hamburger);

-- an overload of saturated fats ( just two hash browns for breakfast);

-- too many beverages (how about that second cup of coffee?);

-- and polluted air and water.

Besides which, the earth's ecosystem is taking a real beating, and we are feeling the effects.
We could all learn from Japanese skincare secrets and start to heal our appearance from within. Start by going in for a healthy diet. This means more natural grains like red rice, oats, and millet, plenty of vegetables and fruits, more seafood and very little red meat.

The Japanese have an additional element in their diet, which we could all learn to add to our food to good effect. These are vegetable products from the sea specifically types of algae called kelp. They are broad-leaved tree-like plants that have long been known to possess wonderful health-giving properties.

Avoiding highly processed and chemically laden ingredients, and using paraben-free skincare products has multiple benefits for the whole body The Japanese have long learned to use natural substances in their cosmetics and skin care products. Secrets have been passed down traditionally in families so that the younger generations benefit from the age-old beauty secrets. Nourishing oils from rice bran and almonds, moisturizing face packs made from vegetable and fruits, and today the extract from Japanese kelp called Phytessence Wakame.

While wakame that is ingested will no doubt nourish the whole body, this concentrate of wakame is proven to help in soothing, firming and protecting the skin. It is essentially an aging skin moisturizer, nourishing it in a number of ways. The extract provides at one go minerals, vitamins, an effective sunblock in the naturally occurring substances it contains, and antioxidants.

Its most important aspect though its ability to block the action of a enzyme called hyaloronidase, which works to break down the bonds between collagen, keratin and elastin fibers that hold skin together. By blocking the enzyme, the extract acts to reverse skin aging. Wakame extract has been proven to reduce the action of this enzyme by 50% within a week of starting to use it.

Phytessence Wakame offers you that incredible alternative, to heal the damage that your skin has suffered with retrospective effect. Start using it and see how your skin begins to revive and regain it original luster and beauty.

Gerald Markowitz is a health advocate who has been researching natural skin care products that help maintain a youthful appearance. Find out more about some of the most effective treatments on his site          
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