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Looking for Japanese skincare creams? There are natural solutions from Japan and other areas of the world that have been combined to create the best anti-aging moisturizers. In fact, they are the most complete skin care solutions on the market. The products are effective for dry, oily and combination skin types. They are beneficial for skin conditions ranging from acne to eczema and psoriasis. They prevent and repair free radical damage. They support the production of new skin cells and fibers by as much as 190% in as little as three days. The Japanese skincare secret that they contain helps maintain protein levels within the skin that ordinarily diminish with age. Here's why that's important. Hyaluronic acid is an amino acid protein responsible for holding the skin's cells together. In other words, it is responsible for firmness and elasticity. It was known that levels of the protein diminish with age, so the first idea was to supplement, by including hyaluronic acid in skin care products.

The effect was not that great. It has now been learned that the protein levels diminish because of an enzyme, known as Hyaluronidase, which quickly breaks down the protein. A Japanese skincare ingredient known as wakame kelp has been shown to inhibit the production and activity of Hyaluronidase, so naturally, the protein levels begin to rise again. You see, researchers have been looking at ancient remedies from around the world and evaluating in the laboratory to see if there is a reason for their effectiveness or if they are simply "old wives tales". Wakame Kelp is not just a folk remedy. In addition to inhibition of Hyaluronidase, laboratory evaluation has shown that the kelp is rich in vitamin A and many of the B vitamins. In addition, the high mineral-content helps to balance the skin's moisture. You may have heard that milk is good for your complexions. It's true, but it is mostly because of the calcium content. Wakame has 15 times more calcium than a cup of milk.

It was first introduced to the west as a health food, during the macrobiotic nutritional movement. All varieties of kelp and seaweed, as well as brown algae, are beneficial for the complexion. This variety just happens to be the most beneficial. It was actually known as a Japanese skincare beauty preserver. Now, we know why. In clinical studies, creams containing wakame have been shown to reduce dark circles beneath the eyes, improve smoothness and tone, leading to a more youthful appearance, in general. When combined with some of the other secrets from around the world, researchers have seen amazing results…and all of the ingredients are safe and natural. Let the cosmetics companies know that you are tired of what they have been handing you for all of these years by trying all-natural Japanese skincare solutions. You can find the amazing Japanese Wakame Kelp in products from a company in New Zealand. I am sure that you will be happier, in the long run.        
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