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Kanji Tattoo: Is it Right For You

by: DeWayne H. Strickland

The kanji tattoo design is a true eye catcher and is very popular. I have seen many people with Asian characters on their bodies, that stood for strength. At the end of this article you will find a website that offers a huge tattoo directory. This tattoo directory gives you thousands of choices for the ultimate tattoo! Is the kanji tattoo design right for you?

If you want a touch of the past on your body, then the kanji tattoo design is right for you! This type of writing has a long history and it is very old. These Chinese characters came to Japan from China with kanji articles. The characters go all the way back to the Han Dynasty and no one is really sure when the Japanese people started to command Classical Chinese by themselves.

The importance of the kanji tattoo design, is to have the right meaning and source. It would be a living nightmare to have a kanji tattoo design that means chicken feces, instead of strength! Make sure you know the source and have it verified by someone who knows kanji. I use to joke with a friend what Asian tattoos might mean if the characters were incorrect.

If you get a chance listen to the 80's song, "Big in Japan" by Alphaville (Album: Forever Young). The song really never did that great in the US, but it has a nice melody. While writing this article I was listening to, "Big in Japan" picturing a gigantic sumo wrestler with kanji tattoos. I was thinking about putting the song on my website, where I like to play obscure bands.

I always have been strongly influenced by the Chinese culture, which propelled me into the martial arts. I thought the Chinese characters looked cool, because of the simplicity and the smooth cursive like strokes. A kanji tattoo design is so simple, but yet powerful to look at and people really want a tattoo that stands out. Again, a kanji tattoo design is strikingly beautiful. You can quickly be mesmerized by the kanji tattoo and drive yourself crazy wondering what it means.

You definitely want a kanji tattoo design that is one hundred percent accurate, so your not embarrassed by the true meaning. You want to find a good Japanese translation service or a good book written by someone reputable. I would suggest searching for a good kanji dictionary. You don't want a kanji tattoo design on your body that says, "I am a happy pig". Ok, maybe you might like pigs and think they are cute, but not your kanji tatto design ! I like bacon, but I would not want a kanji tattoo design that stands for bacon on my arm.

I like the look of a kanji tattoo design as it goes down the spine of a person. The combination of the yin and yang symbol looks cool with the kanji characters. You can make the kanji tattoo design characters big on your body and they still look hot! You can make a kanji tattoo design big or small and it still is amazing to behold. These tattoos are so addictive!

By using a huge tattoo directory, you will not have to search the whole internet. You would have to look through thousands of web pages listed in Google to find what you want! Sounds like a headache! I found a website that specializes in tattoos, by putting together the ultimate gallery of tattoos, making your search easy and fun. Getting a tattoo is an exciting moment and you don't want it to be a drag. Your body is waiting for the ultimate tattoo. Are you ready for some ink?

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