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Hailed as the most famous traveler in the world of fashion, Kenzo Takada currently offers a variety of fashion products and accessories to the public. He was born on February 27, 1939 in Tokyo, Japan, and studied in Bunka College of Fashion to obtain the fashion designer title. While working in the profession, he decided to establish his own company in Japan itself.

Kenzo first came out on the fashion scene in 1970 when he opened the Jungle Jap boutique in Paris. From that start, he decided to establish another fashion company under the name Rue Cherche Midi Boutique in 1972, which in turn was followed by Kenzo-Paris Boutique in the year 1983. Although running a number of businesses, Kenzo failed to make his own name that popular in the fashion field. It was only in 1983 when he first launched his men's wear collection that he came out as one of the most promising designers in the whole Paris. He expanded his businesses in other parts of France, including Saint Tropez, Aix en Provence, Lille, Bordeaux, and Lyon, as well in London, Milan, Copenhagen, and Tokyo; all happened in 1984 to 1985.

From those expansions, Kenzo was able to follow up his men's wear collection with a new addition, the women's wear. Both lines were introduced in 1986 along with the company's junior line and Kenzo jungle and jeans. What is more notable about Takada's line of men's wear is that he labeled this collection with the name: Around the World in Eighty Day'sť.

Since the company's inception, Kenzo Takada was and has been considered as the most prominent of the fashion designers who was able to travel to different areas in the world. He also is named as the most multicultural designer of the 20th century, and the most syncretistic, mainly because he insists on promoting a sense of compatibility and diversity on the ethnic fashion styles. Given that principle, it is no surprise for Kenzo to continually employ a combination of styles on all of his fashion works.

The different collections of Kenzo's fashion products and accessories are generally so vast. The most common of them are the Romanian peasant skirts and the Scandinavian sweaters of heavy weight. There are also the Mexican rebozos, which many consumers consider as one worth buying fashion item.

The collections of Kenzo Takada are not just limited to what has already been said. Also included in his own line of delicate fashion products and accessories are the sunshade-striped beach skirts that are Riviera inspired, the Chinese coodie look that comes highlighting a mix of Portuguese-styled purses, and the t-shirt dresses; all were introduced in 1975. Kenzo released its new collection of clothing that is inspired by the Native American designs. What is noted under this collection of Kenzo wear is its rich colors and textures. Then, there came the Egyptian inspired patterns and leanings, which is but followed by the African and Indian styles of clothing.

With all his interests and efforts in creating unique collections of fashion products, Kenzo Takada was able to establish about 37 boutiques in different areas in the world. He also has 124 sales outlets, which recently are acquired by the House of Louis Vuitton.
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