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How Korean Women Stay Thin

This article will reveal the answers to the question why Korean women stay thin. Read this article thoroughly for you to understand better. Fat and overweight people in Korea are very unusual and the term obesity is virtually unknown. The secret may lie in the genes, but the real answer is in the traditional Korean diet.

With the country's flora, fauna, and geography surrounded with water, fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant. People love fish, plus the fact that they are all into healthy and clean living. The natural environment adds to the flavor and color of people's lives.

Their meals have balanced nutrients, which can promote weight control and limited cholesterol consumption. The traditional Korean diet has 70% good carbohydrates found in vegetables and rice, 14 to 17% of protein, and a fat content of 13%. Compare it with the European diet, which follows the 40% carbohydrate foods, 30-40% fat content, 15% sweet sugar, and 15 to 20% protein rich foods. People living in this country consider having a sense of well-being, balance, and spiritual peace in relation to their meals.

The diet contains the following dishes:

1. Rice, galbi, rib-eye dishes, banchan
2. Kimchi, composed of pickled vegetables as side dish or appetizer.
3. Nappa cabbage vegetable variety with chili, garlic, chili powder
4. Sea foods, fruits, and vegetables

All of these have many minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

There are many food choices, mostly varieties of fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood. The seasonal vegetables are the most popular sources of food in Korea. Fruits that are in season have the most number of nutrients and minerals. There are also a variety of cooking styles, which make Korean food very colorful, tasty, and fulfilling.

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