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Lucky Wedding Date 8-8-08

8/8/08 is considered lucky especially in Chinese culture and Chinese weddings? Even if you are not of Chinese heritage, If you a bit superstitious or if you just want an extra bit of good fortune, a wedding held on 8/8/08 may be your lucky day.

Why 8? In Chinese culture, 8 is considered the luckiest of all numbers, as it portends prosperity and wealth. The number 8 is so lucky in fact for the Chinese, that in China, they often auction off license plates for thousands of dollars just because they contain the lucky number. The number is also coveted for addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts. A single 8 on a piece of property lends a sense of high status among the Chinese, as they know top dollars were paid just to obtain that number. Lucky 8 is so lucky, that the Beijing Olympics are due to open on 8/8/08 at exactly 8:08:08 PM.

Along with good luck, the number 8 and the month of August are great to get married in because it is summer and many out-of-towners may be able to travel to your wedding. You are also more likely to have an outdoor event. Additionally, if you lay 8 on its side, it represents the symbol for infinity.

Lucky 8/8/08 Weddings The Chinese believe that the more 8’s involved in a couple’s life together, the better the chance for luck and wealth. Weddings held on this lucky day will be lavish and lush. Brides may want to pull out all the stops for this day. Remember the more lavish the display, the “richer” the hosts.

You may wonder how you can incorporate the number 8 into your wedding. Here are some ideas:

• Start your wedding at 8 AM or PM, or for more luck, at exactly 8:08, or 8:08:08. Remember the more 8’s the better.

• Ask 8 friends to be in your wedding party

• Incorporate 8 different kinds of flowers into your bouquet and flowers.

• Have 8 diamonds in your wedding bands

• Incorporate 8 parts into your ceremony

• During the cocktail hour serve 8 different hors d’oeuvres

• Seat people at your reception in groups of 8. For a smaller wedding, have 8 tables.

• Have 8 different courses at your reception

• Have an 8 tiered wedding cake

• For wedding favors, give out 8 candy or edible items, 8 fortunes cookies, 8 different wedding favors, or have 8 different designs.

And to seal your perfect day, make sure you say “I Love You” often. The phrase “I Love You” is also exactly 8 letters.

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