Magnetic Therapy for Skin and Hair Care


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Magnetic Therapy for Skin and Hair Care

By: Bakhru

Beneficial effects of magnets have been observed on the skin and hair. Similar to their effects on various glands, the magnets exercise a corrective effect on the function of the skin and hair. The skin normally secretes adequate quantities of skin pigment which imparts the natural color to it. However, due to the mal-function of the pigment-secreting layer of the skin, ugly white patches of leucoderma appear on different parts of the body. Similarly, the central layer of the skin - the dermis - secretes sweat and skin oil and keeps the skin soft and oily. Any-malfunction of this layer of the skin leads to many skin disorders and conditions such as an excessively dry or oily skin. The magnet has shown beneficial effects on the skin and promptly corrected the mal-functions, restoring the normal tone and color of the skin.

A similar effect has been observed on the restoration of the dark pigmentation of hair. A number of reports are pouring in on the magnificent effects of magnets. Dr Maclean of New York observed long ago an interesting side-effect of working with magnets - restoration of pigmentation of natural color from silvery white.

The many Magnetic therapist has the distinction of successfully treating numerous cases of leucoderma in young girls through application of magnets and intake of magnetized water who have ever expressed their grateful thanks for treating them through such a simple device.

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