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Malaysia Travel Review

The splendid country of Malaysia stores a rich stock of diversified heritage, traditions, and culture. The vivid mesh of different religious and racial backgrounds that feature the heritage of Asia in Malays, Chinese, and Indians and the cultural marks left by the Thai, Portuguese, Dutch, and English make Malaysia one of the most beautiful countries that celebrate plurality and diversity.

Despite the differences, the people of Malaysia are the most gentle and most tolerant in the world. Each Malaysian promotes a sense of harmony and peace that emanates not only from within. In every place that tourists travel in this country, they find peace everywhere.

Beach Resorts

As you travel to Malaysia, you should not miss the best beach resorts it has to offer. The Emerald Bay for example is listed as the top ten of the world's beaches and definitely one of the best in Malaysia. The bay is crescent in shape and has the identity of most Malaysia's beaches which have emerald waters. This beach is highly exclusive but travel agents can make sure that everything will be in order when you go there.

The Catai beach in Langkawi Island is another top beach. While most of the coves are privately owned, it still does not stop for tourists to enter this beach scene. The Datai beach is one of the best crescent beaches in Malaysia with excellent diving sites that rival the best beaches in Asia.

Tioman Island is one beach that has still its conservative beauty. It is a very avid tourist spot especially for golfers, nature lovers, and skin divers looking for the best diving spots. Its golden beach at the front and a deep forest backed by a tropical jungle is a paradise for the tourist. Travel agents in Malaysia will tell you that it is best to go there during March to September.

Sights in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur which is a city filled with skyscrapers houses the magnificent and modern Petronas Towers and other towers. However, much of Kuala Lumpur has its beauty in the old colonial building that symbolizes its rich heritage. The towers take the influence of Moorish, Islamic, and the Tudor tradition.

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is one of the largest bird parks in South East Asia. Tourists to Malaysia that go to its capital marvel at the different display of birds in such an urban place. The National Mosque shows off the Islamic tradition of Malaysia to its Asian neighbours. It houses a grand hall that can accommodate a lot of Muslim worshippers, which is also a main reason for the influx of tourists.

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