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Natural Skin Care with Green Tea

Chinese herbal practice is very well known for its natural ingredients and its numerous organic products. One of the wonders of Chinese health practice is green tea. Through the years, the habit of drinking green tea has become popular from the mainland to many parts of the world. Because of its known health benefits, demand for the beverage has significantly risen. Now, there are studies that link natural skincare benefits from consumption of green tea.

In China and other Asian countries like Japan, Thailand and India, green tea has been found to be effective in having several medicinal properties. Particularly, the tea has been used to aid digestion and help heal wounds. While modern medicine is still finding proofs for the therapeutic claims for green tea, some people readily accept the known health benefits based on hundreds of years of experience and observations.

Many traditional Chinese skincare products now have green tea as an active ingredient to them. There are creams, lotions and beauty preparations that are known to have green tea extracts in them. These skincare and beauty products also have antioxidants and vitamins E, C and A added to serve as natural preservatives. What is more? These natural products are said to be more effective because the good effects of green tea are matched by the natural good effects of the other nutrients. Currently, there are many manufacturers that are focusing on green tea because the natural herbal beverage has been found to have better and more effective skincare benefits.

There are new findings of studies showing green tea as having additional skincare properties. For one, the active ingredients in the beverage are said to be effective in offsetting the harmful impact of skin damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. Experiments using several kinds of animals have established that green tea formulations help reduce sun damage to the skin. The radicals and natural properties of the beverage reduce inflammation and help serve as blockage to screen out the damaging properties of sun rays. Experts advise that you drink green tea or use products with it along with the regular use and application of your usual sun block protection.

No wonder, green tea is starting to be present everywhere. Now, you can find green tea in modern cold beverages. Several soft drink manufacturers are developing drinks based on green tea as a possible good replacement for the ever popular soft drinks and fruit juices. There are green tea beverages that have different and truly interesting flavors. Green tea used to be served hot and in cups. Now, they can be iced cold and can be enjoyed anytime of the day or even as a refreshment during a very hot summer day.

Recommended amount of green tea for it to function as a natural skincare regimen varies. Dermatologists and herbal medicine practitioners would endorse about two to three cups a day, while traditional Chinese culture advises people to have about eight cups each day.
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