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Nightlife in Hong Kong

As well as providing exceptional shopping,
Hong Kong is also an often sought after travel destination because of its vibrant nightlife. Hong Kong embraces everything from the ritziest floor shows with top local and international talent, down to alley way restaurant dining and karaoke bars. Hong Kong caters for all tastes and desires. The most popular forms of nightlife activities frequently include restaurants, karaoke bars, discos, dance clubs and the cinema.

Hong Kong the party never stops and anything goes. Many nightclubs and bars are open 24 hours and as the third largest producer of movies, you can be sure to find a film to satisfy your needs. The nightclubs you encounter are uniquely different than those encountered in western cultures. Many nightclubs provide not only entertainment but also family and business dining. The nightclubs engage talented locals whose performances include singing, Opera (Cantonese), acrobatics and dancing.

The hottest
Hong Kong nightlife is found in Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai and Lan Kwai Fong. These iconic, must see areas provide a wide selection of restaurants, bars and cafe's catering to any culinary tastes. Known as the trendy night district, you can be certain that you will be able to indulge in a wide variety of international and local beers, wines and spirits. While many tourists remain in Kowloon, the tourists in the know¯ always attend these areas, which are also popular with the locals. You will be provided with a well balanced mix of relaxation and best of all, you will get to socialize with the locals.

Hong Kong is situated on the ever busy Victoria Harbor. The harbor is a well known for its dinner and dancing cruises as well as its symphony of lights tours. Not only can you cruise the Hong Kong skyline in large commercial boats, but those seeking an in-depth cultural immersion, can also choose to travel on traditional Chinese junkets. With an economy based on tourism, you can be confident that you'll get some reasonable prices on which ever option you choose. Most importantly don't forget to barter your harbor tour package as the asking price is far higher than the price you are expected to pay. If all day shopping bonanzas don't satisfy your needs, then Tsim Sha Tsui is definitely the place for you. Here you will find the world famous night market. Filled with bright lights and eager shoppers, you have the opportunity to continue shopping for clothing, electronics and local produce, and then finish your night in the Music and Drama rooms. The music and dramas feature the upcoming local talent and sometimes the old talent winding down their careers. Tsim Sha Tsui gives you hustle and bustle mixed with relaxation it's a perfect location to cater to almost everyone's needs.

Hong Kong is often described as the Oriental Pearl. With such a wide array of night time activities merged into such a small location you'll always find something of interest on every corner. With it's mix of eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is sure to satisfy your holidaying needs. There is no need to worry about jet lag here because of the cities vibrant 24 hour atmosphere. While the world is sleeping, Hong Kong is ablaze with bright neon lights and activities to give you exactly what you are seeking.

While in Hong Kong be sure to visit:

Victoria Harbor at night Sky Lounge at the Sheraton Hotel Cyber 8 Disco Pub at the Miramar Hotel JP Causeway Bay Cinema at UA Times Square

Remember that Hong Kong is designed for all travelers and the nightlife is reflective of the warm temperatures. When venturing into Hong Kong's vibrant nightlife areas, dress for comfort, only the exclusively up market establishments have strict dress standards. But the most important thing to remember is have fun, take in the culture and don't be in a hurry. Hong Kong gives you an atmosphere where you have 24 hours a day to explore the Oriental Pearl.

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