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You have probably heard the expression "go green" by now. Generally, it refers to people reforming their behaviors and habits in order to be more environmentally conscious with their actions. This can be done in millions of small individual decisions that people make every day, from bringing your own bags to the grocery store to reducing the amount of factor-farmed meat in your diet to taking the stairs up to the third floor of your office building instead of waiting for the elevator. But individuals can only do so much. Larger organizations like companies, corporations, and government need to make systemic changes that will have a larger ripple effect throughout all of society.

This is why so many offices are taking it upon themselves to go green in this day and age. They realize that the impact that such decisions will have will boost office morale by modernizing company practices, bringing the organizations into the 21st century like just about nothing else can. Going "green" also means eliminating waste, which will increase your efficiency and trim the fat off of your budget. Finally, as environmental consciousness is more popular amongst the American public than ever, going "green" will quite possibly endear you to your broader customer base, showing your company to be more socially conscious and responsible than your competitors. They do not just want you to sell an Averatec laptop to them at a discounted rate: they want to know you are a good company! Seems like a win on multiple fronts, for the company, the client, and the customer.

In order to "green" your office, one of the first things you have to do is consider the greatest source of waste is in your office. For so many people, the obvious answer to this is office and paper supplies. Staples, paper, rubber bands, highlighters, endless manila folders: all of these represent a real cost in any office. Luckily, with the increasing use of wireless Internet, most offices are converting their records and communications to an electronic format, which is helping on that front.

But that brings to mind another potential cause for waste: the constant desire to buy new technology. This makes a lot of sense: the people who want to sell an Averatec laptop or ten to you are easily able to make the case that the technology will help your company perform better. But what the guy who wants to sell an Averatec laptop to you may not emphasize is the cost! Constantly updating the technology in your office can become costly over time. That is where the going "green" part comes in. Instead of tossing your old computers for the new, you can simply sell the Averatec laptop that is old and out of date, to make room to buy the new one. This is the best way to save money, and contribute to the reuse of older office equipment. Now, someone else who is on an even tighter budget than you, like a student, will be able to get a used computer, all because you decided to sell an Averatec laptop that had been gently worn in. You will have lessened your ecological burden. 

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