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Oily Skin Problems and How to Overcome Them

If you have oily skin, you tend to have acne, blackheads, pimples, or shiny or dull color. Oily skin is more prominent in teenagers as hormonal changes take place in them. Sometimes due to over expression of a signal/ hormone, glands which act as repository of oil for skin releases more oil than normal.
To prevent themselves from damage caused by over production of oil, the glands releases the oil produced and there is no alterative available to skin other than absorbing the oil. Skin has too has limited capacity to hold oil. The excess of oil is released on the surface of the skin which makes it look oily.

Due to oily texture of skin, acne or pimples appear and for most of youngsters who are witnessing transition from teenage to adolescent, this situation is embarrassing.

It is this age, when they have the inner desire to look their best and presence of acnes or pimples or face mars the spirit of these youngsters. The problem of oily skin can have serious consequences. Due to excess of oil on skin, blackheads, acnes, and pimples tends to form and gives a bad appearance to their face. Many youngsters going through this phase try to stay away from people and in extreme cases it may turn to be reason for mental stress.

These effects are transient and disappear as soon as body adjusts itself and level of hormones returns to normal state. But still these effects can be reduced to a great extent if one wishes. Those who have oily skin should take bath twice a day and employing soft soaps- soaps which have less detergent content in them. Soft soaps used should have natural vitamins and moisturizers along with lesser quantity of detergents. These things help to stop eruption of acnes or blackheads to a great extent. Most of youngsters have a bad habit that squeeze acnes or try to pull them out. You should stop this practice, as you it might be doing well for the time being but in reality this thing does more harm to your skin and can leave permanent scars on your face. The best way to deal with such problems is to have self-confidence.

You are not the only person on this planet who is confronted with this problem. Millions other like you face this problem. The need is to show your intelligence not your ignorance. If you have access to internet and have ample amount of time, which most of teenagers have look for this problem and its solution on the internet. You will get a better insight to this problem.

Consult a dermatologist as he can tell you best solution for your problem of oily skin. Go and explore market, number of skin creams for oily skin is available which can help you overcome your problem of acnes and pimples. You are facing a minor problem which millions of other face and the best part is solutions exist for this problem.
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