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Why Buy Organic Products

Many of us believe it's healthier to eat organic food and that we benefit from using organic personal products but how do we benefit from buying other types of organic products?

Any time we eat or drink something our body absorbs all the good and the bad things that are found in these products. The same holds true for anything applied to our skin. We now know that our skin has been found to be highly absorbent so anything we use on it can be absorbed into our bodies. Reasons enough to make any changes we can to our buying habits and that means choosing safer more natural and organic products.

But what about all the other organic products that are turning up all over the place that don't appear to have any health benefits for us?

Natural ingredients like plants or herbs are found in so many items and they can be conventionally or organically grown. Lately we are seeing items like clothing, cut flowers, candles made from vegetable wax like soy, perfumes made with real plant ingredients or even that citrus cleaner you use on your floor all made with organically grown plants and flowers. But why would you want to make a point to buy these products?

Perhaps it makes sense to choose organic clothing when you know that fabrics like conventional cotton have been grown and processed with so many chemicals that it just feels better to choose fabrics that you wear that are more natural.

But why buy other types of organic products?

When you purchase items like this you are contributing to what I think of as the
organic advantage...

*Healthier choices are made while growing crops that don't harm and even benefit the environment and wildlife.

*Safer work environments for all those who grow or handle crops or plant materials.

*Organic farmers are encouraged to grow more crops.

*Increased demand for products that are grown without harmful herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides but are also processed without bleaches, dyes and other chemicals. This shows designers, manufacturers and retailers that we are serious about organic products.

As you can see there are many benefits to growing organically and to choosing to buy organic products. Any product we purchase that contains a good percentage of organic ingredients does good things above and beyond what is healthy for us.

It's important to make sure that our purchases are truly organic. Unfortunately, some companies want to take advantage of our interest in being more natural and add only tiny amounts of an organic ingredient to their product just to be able to claim organic on the label. Reading the label helps but we need to learn what to look for because sometimes those labels can be confusing.

I know, it can be more expensive and difficult to find organic products right now but it's worth it to do what we can. Maybe for now it is buying a pair of socks made from organic cotton or even some perfume created with organically grown flowers. Every little bit helps.

When we are informed we make better choices and we can feel like we are making a better choice when we choose to buy organic. 

About the author 

Creator of the website Natural Living for Women which explores the options women have to purchase products that are not only safe and natural for themselves but are also made in ways that respect animals, people and the environment