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There are two main types of perm first is permanent and second is temporary. Make a choice according to your liking. It gives bounce to your hair, adds a new look to your body which can be very satisfying. It helps in making it very soft and adds fullness to the same. Many people have different reasons for perming their hair whether the reasons are good or bad perming takes at least 2 hours to complete. The perm settles down completely after 24 hours. The results of the perm remain for 3-5 months. Getting your hair permed involves use of chemicals to break and reform the disulfide bonds of the hair. The hair is washed and wrapped on a perm rod and waving lotion is applied with a base. The hair swells and softens and stretches. The hair then molds around the shape of the perm rod. After a specified period of time, the hair is rinsed and a neutralizer is applied. It is the neutralizing solution that reforms the disulfide bonds of the hair and sets the new curls.

Some people like the wet look with a perm and some people like to blow dry a perm. Hair perms can be done with acid or alkaline hair perming solutions. Alkaline wave hair perm works best for resistant hair and Asian hair and hair with low elasticity. The choice of perm rod depends on the kind of perm that is sought. Straight or cylindrical perm rods are popularly used for wrapping hair that has to be wave permed. A smaller perm rod ensures a tighter hair perm. Using very large perm rods however can create weak curls. Modern hair perms also extend to volumizing - perming for volume and not for curls. This type of hair perm lasts about 6 weeks and is much cheaper than a complete hair perm. Spiral perm hairstyle can be done on shoulder length or longer hair. It sets well on thicker hair. Mostly getting a perm done would take 2 hours or more. It would take more than 24 hours to get the perm fully settle and have a great impact on your whole personality.

Perm is short for permanent wave. In the perming process, chemicals break the hair down and then re-structure it into the desired curls, waves or straightness. For minimum curl, maximum texture some hairdressers now remove the ends from orange juice cans, wash them out and use them as super rollers or perm rods. After fastening the cans to the hair with plastic-coated bobby pins , they perm the hair. To create deep waves on long hair, ask your stylist about a pigtail perm. A pigtail perm is created when individual sections of hair are braided into pigtails---either tight or fat and loose, depending on the desired result. Apply the perm solution beginning at the scalp as that gives it longer to work in that area. Carefully massage the perm solution into all your hair. Do not use too much of shampoo. However, a good conditioner designed for permed hair will be highly beneficial. Towel your hair carefully and prevent knots.

(1) Perm Hair Tips

1. Apply the perm solution beginning at the scalp as that gives it longer to work in that area.

2. Keep the solution at the correct temperature.

3. Rinse the perm solution out of your hair completely.

4. Carefully towel dry or blot hair.

5. Hold your head upside down and shake it gently.

6. Permed hair needs a great deal of attention and care.

7. Never comb your hair when it is still setting from the perm solution.

8. As perm grows spray a volumizing product to the roots and blow dry at the scalp to create added lift.

(2) Hair perm looking Tips

1. Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after you have a perm.

2. Only use professionally recommended products to maintain the curl and condition of your hair.

3. Use a low heat setting, and fit an air diffuser to your hair dryer. This will help avoid drying out your hair.

4. When styling your hair, use a vent brush and styling products specifically designed for permed hair. These products help protect your hair and make it easier to manage. 

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