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Preserve Environment

Are we aware in preserving the environment? Is there any thing we can do about it? Let's take a review how important habitat is and how to preserve it.

1. Join the Green Movement

There are many organizations, at a local, national and international level devoted to preserving the environment. Together they form the "Green movement."

Whenever a habitat is threatened by industry or development, the Green movement takes the side of the environment. These groups already enjoy considerable public support, but their most important work is education. Unless people understand how threats to the environment affect them, they cannot appreciate the importance of preserving habitats.

Many farmers are sympathetic to the Green movement, despite the pressure to grow the maximum amount of food. Some make an effort to preserve small areas of woodland and hedgerow and are careful not to spray these areas with pesticides. A few have turned their backs on modern methods and use no chemicals at all, either in pesticides or fertilizers.

2. Organic Farming

Farming without chemicals is known as organic farming. In several countries, organic produce has become very popular. Because no chemicals are used to grow the food, there are none to enter the human food chain. In addition, by choosing organic produce, people think they are also choosing to save the countryside.

3. Saving the Rainforest

In the developing countries, action is finally being taken to save the rain forests. In Africa, the Ivory Coast recently banned all timber exports. In Central America, the government of Panama made it illegal to cut down any tree more than five years old. Such actions show great determination, because timber exports have been a major source of income.

It is difficult to persuade poor people in developing countries of the importance of saving the forests. They need more food and want to use the land to grow it on. What is at stake is not just our enjoyment of nature, but the future of life on Earth and our children and grandchildren to see the beauty of the Earth.  

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