Property Renovations: Keys to the Fixer Upper

In the realm of real estate, there are numerous ways to go about making profits.  One of the most effective methods of achieving financial success is in dealing with a "fixer-upper". Home renovations are very important if you are in the business of making profits, so let's overview some of the key points that
can help you in your ventures

First of all, when you're dealing with a fixer-upper home, or any sort of renovation, it's important to keep in mind your main objective: to make a profit. It's an easy to forget, sometimes, that the long-term goal of the project is not creating your dream home. Sure, a big screen T.V. may look great in the
living room corner, but making big purchases are unnecessary for a home you may not be keeping for long.

Let the potential buyers take care of the details; your focus is to provide the necessities, not to practice home decoration. Your choices should be neutral and simple, in order to appeal on a basic level to a wide variety of potential buyers.  Keeping it simple is a must, but this doesn't mean you should leave the home as a permanent fixer-upper.  Home renovations, in this sense, should include a number of basic tasks.  

The first thing you should do is go through the property and determine what needs to go.  Undoubtedly, there will be various pieces of furniture or other items around the house you may want to clear out.  Get rid of anything that isn't working properly, or anything you think "doesn't quite fit" with the rest of the house. You may choose to leave carpeting for a while, even if you aren't its biggest fan; if you plan on doing any painting, old carpet can serve as the perfect placemat.

In order to catch the eye of a passer-by, you need to have an inviting exterior to your fixer-upper home.  If there is a front gate, be sure to paint or replace it. Make sure the hinges and latches are in proper condition.  Nothing says "Welcome!" like a picket fence, so if your home doesn't have one, be sure to get one.  If so, make sure it is painted and sturdy.  Keeping a healthy lawn is another must, so make sure everything is as green and tidy as possible.  Pay attention to the little details, like your mailbox and shutters; these minor details
aren't always as obvious, but create just as much of an impression.

Some simple gardening can go a long way, as well.  Remove weeds, plant flowers- whatever it takes.  This is your chance to be creative for little to no expense.  When it comes to painting the exterior of the house, try to keep in the same color scheme as the surrounding homes.  Make sure there are no missing or damaged shingles on the roof, and replace any cracked or broken
boards. The backyard should be freshly mowed and watered.

Maybe the most important aspect of the home exterior is the front door: the grand entrance. If you have an unappealing front door, no one will want to see what's past it!  Make sure to repair or repaint if necessary. In part two on home
renovations, we will discuss more of the aspects important for the long term.

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