Real Estate Investment: Taking Your First Step

Real estate is a formidable investment, as it can be difficult to acquire. The initial investment that it takes to purchase a house anywhere in the country is enough that many people never purchase a house in their lifetimes. If you are fortunate enough to have a bit of money for a down payment and a good credit score, then it would be a wise idea to start with your investing now.

There are several ways to invest in real estate depending on your preferences. One way to invest in real estate is to buy a home to live in yourself. People are always making babies, and those babies are growing up. With people living longer than ever, room is not being made for the new generations fast enough. There may be market slumps now and then, but as long as we continue to have babies, there will always be a market demand for homes.

If you buy a home to live in, a great investment is to buy a fixer-upper (a home that needs repairs). Fixing these minor problems over the duration of your stay, especially if you can do the repairs yourself, will help you to gain a great deal of value in the home before you sell it again for a different home.

Some people buy houses just to fix them and sell them again, never actually living in any of these homes. Indeed, in some parts of the country, the market is so "hot" that people can buy a house, hold onto it for three months and resell it at a profit without repairing a single leaky faucet. In time, these people will be able to purchase several homes at once and continue to sell them as they wish, or even let them out to renters.

This leads us to the third type of real estate investment. Buying properties to rent is a great way to make a steady income as long as you are willing to be liable for the premises and willing to be on call for the residents should a problem with the facilities arise. The landlord is responsible for all repairs to the rental building whereas the renters are responsible for not destroying your property. There is a tight legal line to walk, and some people find this means of making money to be too much trouble. For many, though, owning properties and renting them out is a great way to make a second income in addition to their regular jobs, and the properties can pay their own mortgages in many areas.

All of these methods of real estate investment require significant initial investments on your part to start them off, and for the most part they will also require a significant investment of time as well. This can be time dealing with tenants, time repairing buildings, and even time that is spent on acquiring the houses in the first place.

Real estate is a game that is played by men and women all across the United States, and with the right investments it is a game that you can play as well. Buying and selling homes a-la Monopoly(R) certainly feels like a game, after all and it is a great way to make an income. You just have to be willing to take that first, scary step.

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