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Ways to Lower Electric Bill and Save Money

Each month we cringe when we see our electric bill. You can do a few simple things that could save you big money each month. Another benefit to lowering energy usage is it helps promote the planet by not wasting resources. Here is a list of ten things you can do every day to bring down that bill.
1. Turn off lights that you are not using.

It only takes about two minutes to walk through your house and turn off lights that no one is using. The average bulb uses an estimated 20 watts. When your old bulbs burn out, try replacing them with the new energy efficient bulbs. They last much longer, from 3-5 years with average use, and the savings really add up. 2. Run your automatic dishwasher when it is completely full.

Make sure your dishwasher is completely full. Running a half full dishwasher is wasting energy and water. Don't use the automatic dryer, let your dishes air dry. This saves a lot of money in the long run. 3. If the temperature is nice outside, open your windows

Give you're A/C or heater a break! Open those windows and let the fresh air inside! If you do this as much as possible, you are sure to see a difference in your electric bill.

4. Change you're A/C filter once a month.

If the filter is clogged with dust, it makes the A/C work harder, costing you more money! An average filter costs just a few bucks to replace; doing so can save you some bucks as well. 5. If you live in a mobile home, put skirting around the bottom. This will help keep your home warm in the winter, using less heat, and cooler in the summer.

6. Keep curtains/blinds closed during the day. On those hot summer days when it's a bit too warm outside to open the windows, keep the hot sun out by closing the blinds. It will take less energy to cool your home. Also try using ceiling fans. They use little energy and can help cool rooms down. Most have reversible motors, so during winter you push warm air back down.

7. Replace weather stripping on windows and doors. This keeps that hot or cold air from blasting through, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

7. Keep your thermostat set at a higher/lower setting when you are not home.

When you are away for the day, keep your thermostat set at about 80 for warm climates, and about 65 for cooler climates. Your home stays at a comfortable temperature without costing an arm and a leg!

8. Turn off your computer monitor when not in use. If you're not surfing, no need to leave that monitor on. If you have more than one computer, turn off the one you use the least.

9. Turn off your television when not in use.

Just like the computer monitor, if you're not watching T.V. it's just wasting electricity!

10. Try washing clothes in cold water instead of hot water.

You're saving energy by using cold water and your clothes still get nice and clean! Also try drying them on a cooler setting. If you can, hang your clothes outside. Not only are you saving energy, you also have the sweet smell of line dried clothes! With just a few simple changes, anyone can cut their energy bill. Not only are you saving money, you are helping the environment.

About the author 

Jill works with inside real estate. They have sites focusing on El Paso Real Estate and Dallas real estate.