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With the changing of the seasons, there is a need to go look at shoes for women at the local department store. Each of the new outfits in the wardrobe need to be paired with a wonderful new pair of shoes that will compliment the delicate color in the roses and flowers pattern of the outfits, or need to match that gorgeous handbag that happened to find their way into your closet.

It is a very interesting time when shopping for shoes for women, because the new styles have just been arrived and are attractively arranged on the shelves. The strap lengths and heel choices are very appealing this season but leave you in a quandary to figure out which will fit best on your particular foot. You take a wide styled shoe, and these seem to be just on the slim side but they all are just simply gorgeous nonetheless.

As you pick up this pair and that, a visual picture forms in your mind as to how this particular pair of shoes for women will look on your foot. Another shoes seem to have a more rigid instep than the others, and require a sterner observation. Yes, quite bendable and padded and this pair will give your foot added comfort than any you have seen so far.

The toe area on some of the shoes for women, are close and tight and look quite unappealing to this woman who has long toes and wide feet. The mental picture expands to her viewing herself in a tightly fitting pair of colorful shoes, with pink toes to boot from the pressure they would be under. These are quickly replaced on the shelf.

So early in the season for a sale, but you find some shoes for women that are discounted to attractive prices. With further observation you note that these are not new season shoes, but some left over from last season that have been drastically reduced from the prices that they were marked the previous year.

As you stand and consider the savings you would get against being current and in style, the appealing prices win over your desire to be in fashion, and you decide to buy the shoes for women that were on display at outrageously low prices that only a fool would pass by. Then you pause and wonder, with them being last seasons shoes, would this particular store have your particular size, to fit your particularly long toes and wide feet or would you need to see if they were stocked at the downtown shop of the same name.

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