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Skin Care For Men

In this beauty conscious society, more and more men are taking pains to care for their appearance and improve their grooming habits. They pay more attention to their skin and want to feel better about themselves. Good skin not only gives men the assurance that they are healthy but it also upped their confidence level as they can impressed upon others at workplace.

The demand for men's skin care products is on the increasing trend and there is a lot more information on how men can take care of their skin as compared to twenty years ago.

Gone are the days when skin care was just a woman's concern. Today, skin care is no longer considered a feminine thing and men are allowed to indulge their skin without any shame or guilt. If it is a natural thing for women to take good care of their skin, why not for men?

Now, it is more than a daily ritual just to clean and moisturise the skin as more men are going for facials and spas regularly. Hence the term 'metrosexual', which was used to describe the young, modern, urban man who is unashamed to enjoy good clothes, beauty treatments, meticulous grooming and stylish living.

Men should not use their wives' skin care products out of convenience due to the differences in their skin properties. Men's skin is different from women's.

First of all, it is thicker and firmer because the skin consists of more collagen and elastin than women. Therefore men tend to have lesser wrinkles and fine lines.

Next, men have larger pores and their skin is 15% oilier than women as their sebaceous glands are more productive. This increase in oil secretions, (caused by the male hormone testosterone), lubricate the skin and reduce signs of aging but it can clog pores with dirt and dead cells and cause acne problems.

With oilier skin, men tend to attract more dirt onto their skin and their daily shaving will cause rashes, loss of lubrication and aggravates the skin. Therefore, deep cleansing is a must. Hydration is important so choose natural products that condition the skin and give you protection from the sun at the same time.

Although men are now more concerned about their skin, they are generally busy people and most do not like to spend a lot of time looking after their skin. Well, all they need is just 10 minutes a day on their skincare routine.

In fact, skincare for men is similar to that for women. Three simple steps daily: cleanse, tone and moisturise and they are on the road to achieving a healthier and cleaner skin.         
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