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Skin Care Moisturizers

Hard to find a skin care cream that suits your skin? Most products you find in the stores are actually filled with ineffective cheap ingredients, and beneficial ingredients are in minimal amounts.

Avoid those ineffective products by choosing completely natural creams instead, because creams with chemicals and mineral oils are generally less effective and irritating for the body.

Learning which ingredients are beneficial will help you find the skin care moisturizer cream your skin really deserves.

1. Babassu

This light wax softens and soothes, and has proven benefits for eczema, inflamed, itchy and dry skin. It is good for all complexions, as it moisturizes gently without making it oily.

It comes from the babassu palm tree in Brazil and has been used for centuries by people around the Amazon to soothe the skin.

2. Maracuja

This is the extract of a special passion fruit, which is natural emollient that is rich in linoleic acid. It helps to nourish the skin, giving a soft and velvety feel to it. This ingredient is so close to the structure in the skin that it helps balance the production of oil, preventing both dry and oily skin.

3. Active Manuka Honey

All honey is good for topical treatments, but this type of honey is something special. It is the richest of all honeys in antioxidants and antibacterial property. This makes it healing, rejuvenating and moisturizing. It has proven to make the skin smoother, younger-looking and also effective in reducing eczema, psoriasis, acne and inflammation.

Skin care creams with these ingredients will be exceptionally beneficial for your skin, helping it to reach its fullest potential in beauty and health.         
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