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Hottest Trends for the Spring Season

Hair Trends for the Spring Season: It is all about ponytails and braids. Thank goodness the trend has changed to something that we can pull up and go, especially in this day and age when we are always on the go. You can wear ponytails to work, for play and even at the gym and you will look in style. Just tweak it up a bit by adding colorful accessories and barrettes. If your hair is not up for the season, long wavy hair is still in. Just make sure to keep it neat and trimmed. You can also consider using loose rollers or a full barreled curling iron to add that stylish wave.

Make Up Trends for the Spring Season. Think RED. Red lipstick continues to be in trend for this coming spring. Just remember when you wear it, red lipstick tends to bleed, so use a lip liner first, and then fill in the red lipstick. Also, remember red lipstick comes in a variety of shades so pick one that flatters your complexion and go with it. Make sure to also keep the rest of your make up light. Long eye lashes are definitely in as well. Instead of heading to get permanent false lashes, consider several layers of your favorite mascara. When applying mascara make sure to wiggle that wand at the base of the lashes to give the illusion of length.

Skin Color Trends: Once again, with the spring approaching most people think sun and tan. You can get that tanned skin look, especially on the face by using fake tanning creams. This will give you a boost before you actually are able to get out there in the sun for a natural glow. Besides, it is much healthier for you anyway... less chance of getting skin cancer. However you achieve it, just remember, a tanned face is in this season.

Finally, the biggest trend this season is color. The color of Coral is hot, hot, hot this spring. It is not just the color of the little old ladies at the beach this year. You can do the coral color in you make-up (try a gloss), in clothing and even in you favorite accessories. Just make sure not to over do it. You want to use coral as a light and airy look.

Hopefully these tips will help prepare you for the upcoming spring season. Remember, a little bit of trend goes a long way.

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