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Fashion Sense - Think Before You Shop

When shopping, do you ever find yourself doubting the reason for your own actions? Or, do you suddenly get a mind-freeze when buying something you do not need just because may be on sale? It is really like the old saying that goes, the devil made me do it, or, I do not know why I bought this dress, or this skirt, top, shoes, or whatever.

In a situation like this, you must learn to laugh about it, salvage your pride for the mistake, and if you are too embarrassed to return it to the store, give it away as a gift. We have all been there. And it is a huge part of learning and recognizing your fashion sense, or your lack of it.

Rather than try to shop in an unorganized, haphazard sort of way, think about the type of person you are and the style of clothing you plan to purchase for your wardrobe. Then base your shopping habits on items that meet your personality and uniqueness. No matter how much you conform to what is offered in the stores, and what is popular at the moment, there are no two persons that will look exactly the same in the same outfit.

Before you step foot in the next shopping mall, stop and take a clear look at your life. Visualize every single place you frequently go and what you do while there. If your daily destination is to work, school, an at-home mom, a small business owner, a corporate executive, an entertainer, whatever, these are the places where you spend a good portion of every day doing many of the same sorts of things.

Your clothing purchases for these activities should make up the major part of your wardrobe. If you are not a glamorous entertainer, you will not have a closet full of after-five outfits. Clothing for what you do most frequently is your biggest investment. This is where you need the greatest variety. Clothing made in easy care fabrics are often the most important feature.

Next, decide what you can afford to spend. If, like most people, you have a limited amount to spend on clothing, make the most of each purchase. Plan well and with good values in mind.

Avoid trendy fashions that go out of style within three to six months. For longer lasting value, classic styles in dresses, suits and coats are always a good investment.

Is your present wardrobe worth saving? Make a list of every garment in your closet. Buy only new items when you need to discard old, out-of-style items. As fabrics have a tendency to fade from dirt, dust, and perspiration, protect and store your out-of-season clothing in dust-proof bags. Make sure your garments are laundered before storing them away.

Using the list you made of the clothing in your wardrobe, with a little careful planning and judgment, you will be able to decide which items from last season are still wearable. With a few alterations and your imagination, you may be able to update the look. For example, wear one of your classic suit jackets with a new sleeveless dress or long skirt.

In order to care for the various fabrics that make up your wardrobe, most garments come with a care-label. This tag tells you what the fabric is and whether it should be dry-cleaned or if it is suitable for machine laundering. Saving the tag may save you the expense of dry-cleaning a garment that is completely washable, or ruining one by washing it when it should have been dry-cleaned.

Fashion sense comes with planning, with care, and with one purchase at a time. Your wardrobe reflects not only your fashion taste, but also your judgment. Knowing the type of person you are and the style of clothing you plan to purchase for your wardrobe is the basic step. Remember, your shopping habits are formed when you purchase items that meet your personality and your uniqueness.

With these thoughts in mind, have fun shopping

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