Houston Community News >> Tips to Follow When Traveling to China

1/22/2008 (Terry Miller)-- When traveling to China, you definitely need to plan your trip. Though there are many contemporary cities within the nation, quite a few are nevertheless quite rural and undeveloped. Consequently, it is important that you know exactly where you are headed to plan your trip accordingly. Below is a bit of information to make your trip to China more enjoyable.

First, you should be aware of the general weather and climate in
China. Although it experiences exactly the same cyclical seasons as the United States, your best time of the year to travel there is during the fall. In these months, the temperature is comfortable and experiences much less rain than during the summer. The rain is particularly powerful in summer - likely harder than you have ever seen anywhere else - and is a frequent occurrence.

If you do travel during warmer days, it is important you remain fairly covered up as the Chinese are conservative people who prefer you not wear clothes that are too revealing. Also, if the Chinese temple is on your itinerary, know that women are forbidden to wear skirts inside, so you must bring a pair of pants along for your visit inside.

While traveling within
China, certain areas do not allow you to have printed materials, film, and tapes, so as you come across them be prepared to stash those items away out of site. Additionally, you are generally not permitted to take pictures in many of the political and military facilities in China as well.

The same can be said about taking pictures of airplanes or any aircraft; it is just not permitted. Museums, palaces, and temples forbid picture taking as well, as do the people of China. If you must take a picture of a person and their possessions, you need to ask permission first. All of China's picture-taking restrictions lend motivation to reconsider bringing a camera at all!

As stated previously, the Chinese government and its citizens are very conservative, so be on your best behavior at all times to enjoy the beautiful country on their terms. It wasn't long ago that very few visitors were even allowed into China from the outside and you had to jump through hoops to get a Visa to travel there.

Don't make the tactical error of acting like a naive tourist because the Chinese are not very fond of Americans who do not respect their laws and culture. When you do visit, you will understand why this is so, seeing that the country really is one of the most religious, conservative and serious-minded in the world.

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