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Wedding Supplies on a Budget

Planning a wedding involves a lot of considerations. The easiest way to have a memorable wedding is to hire a professional wedding and events planner. But, for those who want to cut on costs, a careful list should be prepared. The following tips, added with your creativity, will surely make your wedding is even more memorable than that prepared by other professional planners and at a much lower cost.

Bridal Gown

The bride is the star of the wedding. A stunning wedding gown on the bride makes for a memorable marriage ceremony and reception. Hiring a professional fashion designer usually will cost a lot of money. There are many gown designs available on the Internet and in land-based stores. Customizing existing designs to suit your personality, body frame, and motif can save you money and give better personal satisfaction. Make sure that you choose comfortable and strong material, and carefully store your gown after the wedding if you want to wear it on your golden anniversary.

Venue and Decorations

Preparing the venue is another crucial task. If you want a garden ceremony, you may want to grow plants and flowers a few years ahead for more sentimental meaning. Many people want their weddings to take place where they first met or dated. If you met in an ordinary place, say a wharf, you can turn it into a grand place with decorations that take advantage of the beautiful sunset.

Choose centerpiece flowers that don't droop easily and that are in season. Among other things to consider in choosing flowers is the shape, fragrance, colors and symbolic meanings. You can also add fruit for color and vibrancy. Candles also make an elegant addition to your centerpiece. With your imagination, you can turn ordinary candles into a work of art.


Many people remark about the wedding cake similar to how they remark about the gown. Famous celebrity brides like Angelina Jolie make their own cakes. You can buy a plain cake or different cake flavors for a multi-layered cake. Then you can do the decorating yourself. Make sure you consider the weather condition of your venue because some icings and fillings melt faster than others. An ice cream cake on a 100-degree day may spell culinary disaster.


Use computer software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to design and make the invitations or go to a digital print shop that will have many selections to choose from. If doing your own invitations, you may want to place your photo as a couple in front. There are also many classy free fonts you can download from the Internet. Make sure that the names on the invitations correspond to the person/s roles. Make sure to triple check grammar and spelling, especially the names, so that you do not hurt anyone's feelings with a typo.


Hiring from a professional photography studio can be prohibitively expensive. If you are on tight budget, you might ask a friend or relative who knows photography to take pictures. Or spread the responsibility out among several friends to insure coverage of the wedding event. Your photographer friend will most likely know your taste and style, so he can direct the poses that correspond to your natural tastes and your photos will not be like templates from some studio.


Giveaways, keepsakes, and souvenirs like handicrafts can be solved with a trip to a local discount store where you can find a low-priced assortment of baskets, candles, vases, tablecloths, vases, picture frames, potpourris, and others. Many wedding shops have exorbitant prices because they know excited couples come to them with open pocketbooks. Use your creativity by buying raw materials and adding your own embellishment.

About the Author:

Juliet Childress writes about wedding supplies and services needed in order to pull off a spectacular marriage event.