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What Color to Wear At Weddings

Me and my husband going to my friends wedding and I am wearing an oriental style dress that is in a champagne/gold color. The Chinese are big into silver, jade (a semi-precious stone which is usually a light, translucent green, but does come in other colors) and turquoise (another semi=precious stone which is a vivid opaque blue and usually marbled with white and/or black veins).

Because your gown is gold I would recommend sticking with gold jeweler. If your dress is adorned with a beautiful pattern as they so often are, I'd recommend some simple earrings such as diamond studs or delicate diamond drops.

I would choose a dainty watch or bracelet (in just plain gold or with a little bit of sparkle), wearing both with an ornate dress would look too much and take away from the dress.

If the dress is plain then do go for more ornate jeweler with colored gemstones (you can get away with silver with a plain dress, its also cheaper and more readily available!). If you go to any web site and type in 'Chinese earrings' and then click on 'images' it gives you some great ideas. The round Chinese symbol drop earrings are nice and some of the chandelier styles look very pretty (although some of these are more 'Asian' than specifically Chinese).You can also get away with the bracelet and watch together.

Is your gent brave? If so, a pink or lilac shirt would look fab with his charcoal suit. It's a very modern look and if he's not wearing a tie then an open top button would look great. White will look dated and if he goes for yellow to tone with you, it's just not going to go well with the grey. Black is a good color and certain blues, but it HAS to be the right blue so you'd need to choose carefully.

When you go shopping, take the suit jacket if you can to help you find a good match.

For a more formal style wedding then a black dress (cocktail type) is okay as long as it is an appropriate style and won't detract from the bride. If the wedding is early in the day then I'd forego black for a soft color.

Another time that black or white is appropriate is if the bride wants a "black/white" wedding and requests guests to wear one or the other. According to my sources, for a formal day-time wedding, women should wear elegant short dresses or suits and men may wear a dark suit. Then you'll want to change into a long evening gown and tux for the reception.

Without knowing the other colors in your wedding, it is hard to tell you exactly what would work. However, in general you should stick to lighter colors for daytime events. Red, yellow, gold, light silver and any pastel color would be appropriate. Darker colors such as black, plum, burgundy, hunter green, etc. are more appropriate for evening hours.

If you're still set on the color black, however, you may just want to change the length of the dress. A black tea-length or cocktail-length dress would be appropriate for an afternoon ceremony.  
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