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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Weight loss with Green Tea ! Surprised aren't you? Believe it or not but you will find green tea or green tea extract included as an ingredient in some much popular weight loss supplements. Green tea is gaining popularity as a weight loss supplement. It's being used as a digestive aid for quite sometime but now experts agree that green tea can also induce weight loss, the Chinese have touted its benefits for centuries. But nowadays due to global access to virtually any product, the rest of the world has also discovered about the benefits of green tea with regards weight loss. But have you ever wondered why the supplement makers are so hastily including green tea in their weight loss products? Well there are numerous benefits.

Benefits of
Green Tea Most importantly green tea extract often replaces the caffeine component of the standard ephedrine caffeine -salicin (aspirin) fat burning batch. That makes green tea a great fat burner. That's not all what green tea does! It also provides additional benefits far and beyond what caffeine does. Firstly it's a powerful anti-oxidant like vitamin C and beta-carotene. But the researchers suggest that the active ingredient called epigallocatechin gallate may be up to 200 times more powerful than vitamin E as an oxidant.

Increases metabolism and thermogenesis

Green tea's component catechin polyphenol speeds up fat oxidation and thermogeneis (heat generated when the body burns up the fat). Alabama scientist Christopher Freville specifies that this compound increases the body metabolism and enhances the effects of protein diets and exercise. Traditional green tea contains caffeine but nowadays you can get caffeine free varieties in the market. Reduces Cholesterol Green tea also aids in reducing bad cholesterol or low-density lipoproteins. Majority of obesity related problems and cardiovascular diseases are caused by this bad cholesterol. LDL can also leave deposits on the arteries, which can interfere with the blood circulation, and this interference causes stroke, heart attacks and other serious health issues. Green tea can also washes out LDL the bad cholesterol and slows down the conversion to the dietary fats into cholesterol.

Regulates Glucose Level

Unused sugar and carbohydrates are stored in the body in the form of fat cells, which appears as excess weight. Green tea prevents this formation by blocking amylase enzyme that helps in breaking down starches to be absorbed by the body. Green tea catechin prevents obesity by regulating the movement of glucose in fat cells. It also prevents the formation of blood clots that is thrombosis that causes heart attack, thus reducing the risk of stroke.

By drinking about 2-4 cups if green tea per day you can shed about some weight. But while preparing green tea do not use boiling water, as this will make the tea bitter as the longer the tea steeps in the more bitter it will taste.

Green tea can be used for weight loss as well as it can be used as another tool towards good health. Most importantly you must carve out a healthy lifestyle which includes balanced died and daily physical activity.

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