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What Can Chinese 8 Characters Tell You

In my previous article,I touched on the basics of Chinese 8 Characters.In this article,you will learn about the secrets you can discover from the Chinese 8 Characters.You will also understand by the end of the article,why some people keep their date and hour of birth a secret.

Let's begin...

You probably know that 8 Characters have a lot to do with a person's luck.From your 8 characters,you are able to know when are your good times and bad times.But besides that,your 8 characters also tells your romance luck,wealth luck,your likes and dislikes,and last but not least,your personality.

Let's look at the romance luck part first.What can your 8 characters tell you about your romance luck?

Firstly,you are able to know when you are likely to get married or get into a relationship.You can pin-point which year,which month romance comes into your life.You can also tell how good or bad your love life is.

By looking at your 8 characters,it is possible to tell a few things about your life partner or spouse.Things like what sort of elements they have in their 8 characters.

One of the most interesting things I discovered is that you can know whether a person is good-looking or attractive basing on his/her 8 characters.I had a friend who liked to meet girls through online chat rooms.Usually,it is rumoured that girls who try to meet guys through chat rooms were not that good looking.

My friend was very fearful of meeting a "not-so-good-looking" girl.When he knew that I could use 8 characters to determine looks,he kept asking me to help him analyse the girls he met online.If I told him "This girl should be quite good.",he would arrange to meet them in person.

So far,the results are 90% accurate.But it does not apply to everyone.Only certain 8 characters will show whether a person is attractive or not.

The thing that applies to everyone is the love life.I have noticed that certain people have a very good relationship with their spouse,while others keep ending up in divorce no matter how many marriages they went through.

Next,the wealth luck.This is what most people are interested in.Will they become a rich man/woman in this life?The 8 characters can also tell you your wealth luck.Why some people are able to amass a lot of wealth while others are unable to do so?

My observation is this,those whose 8 characters have a lot of wealth luck are usually able to earn and keep money.The others either spend the money or somehow unexpected expenses keep coming up to make them unable to keep money.

Are you interested in knowing how a rich man's 8 characters are like?

In order to be able to amass wealth,your own element must be strong.That means you must be born in the season that strengthens your own element.For example,if you are born on a Wood day,your element is Wood.If you are born in Spring,which is the Wood season,then your own element is strong.Therefore you are able to "control" your wealth.

If a person's own element is weak,then wealth will "control" him,instead of he controlling wealth.

Therefore,a rich man's 8 characters is usually strong in his own element.

Of course,this is an over-simplified explanation due to the constraint here.I will explain this in detail some other time.

Let's move on...

Your 8 characters can also reveal your likes and dislikes.You may like certain colors,eat certain food,do certain activities,visit certain places or enjoy the company of a certain person.On the contrary,you may dislike other things.

Let me explain why.Here is an example.Let's say you are born in Summer,where Fire is very strong.You have excessive Fire in your 8 characters and desperately need Water to balance the Fire.

You will notice that you might like swimming or spending a long time in the bathtub.You may like to go to countries with snow.Food wise,you may like ice cream,steamed fish,japanese raw fish or bean curd.For places,you are quite likely to go to places in the North.This may mean a country that is North of yours,or the Northern part of your own country,or maybe North of your town or neighborhood.

As a kid,you probably liked Mickey Mouse and Batman.You might have kept fishes or hamsters as pets.Your spouse and good friends are probably born in Winter,that is between 8 November and 3 February.

You may be amazed why am I able to tell you all these things?Because all these activities that I mentioned increase the effect the Water element.By increasing the Water element,you are creating your own good luck.You will automatically feel comfortable doing all these activities involving water.

The opposite applies,you will dislike Fire activities and avoid them.

This applies when you are going through a period of good luck.I noticed throughout the years that when a person's luck cycle is good,he/she will tend to do things which enhance his/her favorable element.When he/she is going through a period of bad luck,he/she will keep doing things which enhance his/her unfavorable element.

Lastly,let's move on to personality...

How can a person's personality be revealed in his/her 8 characters?

The dominant element shows it.The dominant element is the strongest element in the 8 characters.For example,a person with a lot of Fire tends to be hot-tempered,while a person with a lot of Water tends to be adaptable and quick-witted.Someone with a lot of Wood tends to be sympathetic and kind,while someone with a lot of Metal tends to be strong-willed and determined.

The other aspect is that person's own element.Which in this case refers to the heavenly stem of the day pillar.The own element something like a secondary character.

You may have guessed it by now...People keep their date and hour of birth secret because they do not want to reveal themselves to others.

About the Author:

Why do some people keep their date and hour of birth a secret? Apart from being afraid that they would be victims of black magic,why are they afraid of revealing their date and hour of birth? Discover what secrets you can find out,just by knowing someone's Chinese 8 Characters.