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Tai Chi

The Chinese believes that the five great accomplishments that makes a person superior are painting, poetry, calligraphy and music and lastly, Tai Chi. A lot of people practice this art form for health reasons, and they may as well be considered as superior persons because they get to have longer and fuller lives.

Today, Tai Chi is being used more as a wellness tool than a martial one. Movements that are soft styled and routines done in slow motion are involved in the process of gently increasing and opening the internal circulation of the body. Tai Chi is as an effective therapy can be used to reduce tension, slow down breathing and clear the mind.

It is especially useful in today's world where life is full of stress and pressure. A Tai Chi practitioner will simply meet a heated argument with calm and prevent the situation from escalating out of control. Tai Chi is for you - learn an art form that can help you fight for a better life.

Intact Grammar and Movements

Unlike most other art forms whose present grammar is quite different from the one that was in the beginning, Tai Chi has managed to keep most of its original techniques. A continuous flowing movement, a relaxed but solid straight-body stance and the movement of 'chi' (energy) from inside the body to outside still forms the basis of Tai Chi.

Proper Movements

Moving correctly is all-important. This allows the 'chi' to circulate freely within the body. And, it is 'chi', the universal reservoir of energy that increases the power of an individual manifold. This is the power that the practitioner uses to overcome an adversary. Tai Chi also uses weapons, the most important one being a straight doubled edged sword, but that is in actual physical combat.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Wu-Wei, or the concept of yielding to, and meeting force with emptiness is what makes this art form such a rich one -- spiritually as well as physically. Tai Chi is known to lessen stress levels, improve balance and posture, reduce fall-related injuries and control blood pressure. In modern day life therefore Tai Chi has more significance than ever. There are plenty of new age foes it has to fight against: stress strain and diseases all of which have emerged victorious despite technology and progress.

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