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Facts About Chinese Architecture and Building Art

China's distinctive architecture makes up an important part of China's splendid civilization. Together with Western and Muslim architecture, the three styles comprise the world's major architectural systems.

In the Paleolithic Age, Chinese ancestors lived on fishery and hunting, and were sheltered in trees and caves. In the Neolithic Age, Chinese ancestors engaged in raising animals and farming, and settled down by digging caves and by building simple houses with twigs and lumber, thus commencing their architectural activities. During the 3,000 years of the feudalist society, Chinese ancient architecture formulated gradually its unique system, coupled with a considerable progress in urban planning, garden designing, and house construction technique. In 221 B.C., the First Emperor of the Qin Empire mobilized the resources of the country to do construction works on a massive scale, including A' Fang Palace, the Emperor's Mausoleum, the Great Wall and the Dujiangyan Water-Conservancy Project. In the Later dynasties, many more massive construction works of lasting fame were carried out.

China's wood frameworks are unique in the world. They reflect the values, aesthetic and ethical standard of the Chinese people.
Chinese architecture is rooted in cultural tradition and features several characteristics. It highlights absolute imperial power and strict social status. The best examples of this can be found in the palaces and forbidden cities. Chinese architecture also stresses overall beauty and its axial layout pattern is widely used in buildings. The Chinese style also incorporates elements of nature and emphasizes a graceful, reserved and easy-going beauty. Apart from the Han ethnic group, architecture in the ethnic minorities is also diversified and distinct.

Chinese architecture can be categorized into imperial palaces, religious temples, ancient gardens, tombs group and ordinary ethnic residences.

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