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Chinese New Year: Do and Don't

Usually there are a lot of so-called rules and regulations to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There will be do's and don'ts that you need to be aware of on certain days during Chinese New Year. All those listed below should be taken note of.

1 - Sweeping Floors

Sweeping and cleaning is usually prohibited during the Chinese New Year. It is said that when you clean, you will tend to sweep away all your luck. Hence, people usually do not clean their house even if it's dirty during the Chinese New Year. Some only restrict that to the first day of Chinese New Year. Even if you really have to sweep the house, then you sweep them to a corner and leave it there.

Though it sounds a little superstitious, it is still the tradition that everyone is practicing. Just relax and enjoy your celebration. Do not worry about the cleanliness. That is why people usually spring clean their home before Chinese New Year. In order to get rid of the unused stuffs and to have a cleaner house to be in and to welcome your guests, clean them before Chinese New Year and put all your cleaning tools in the cupboard when you are done.

2 - Washing Hairs

Similar to washing hair on the first day of Chinese New Year, it is known to most of the Chinese that when you wash your hair, you tend to wash away your luck as well. So, normally, they wash before the reunion dinner and keep it clean throughout the first day. You can also opt for the hair salon services. Get your hair done nicely before Chinese New Year.

3 - Create Good Air Ventilation Area

Next, keep in mind to always make sure you left your windows wide open to enable the breeze to circulate around the house as well as to bring in the luck together with the breeze. Usher in the New Year with a fresher air.

4 - Repay Debt On Time

There is also a belief that if you owe anyone money, it is best to repay everything before Chinese New Year. It is said that if you do not pay your debt, the debt will continue forever and it will be the same the next coming year.

5 - Wish and Pray For Peoples

During Chinese New Year, everything we do must bring the meaning of auspicious. Be it the daily conversation or the words we use. Conversation about ghosts and death is said to be inauspicious and must be avoided at all cost because you are not in a campfire. It is best not to even mention the word 'four' in Chinese or Cantonese because it sounds similar to the word 'death'.

6 - Decorate House Compound

If you ever notice, during Chinese New Year, the ornaments and decorations used is usually in red as Chinese believe that red brings them luck and wealth. Hence, the first two days especially, people tend to wear red or something that is bright in color in order to reflect the mood of the festive celebration as well as being auspicious.

7 - Enjoy Your Candies and Desserts

It is also said that to ensure you will have a sweeter year ahead, eat more sweet food like candies, cookies and sweets. That is why every household you visited, there is sure to be something sweet on the table.

These are those of the things you should take note on if you want to avoid from being scolded by your grandparents. You can also see the things you can do during Chinese New Year.

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