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Chinese Astrology

Are you confused about the meanings of Chinese astrology? Would you like to know more about this 5000 year old art?

Chinese astrology is based on the lunar calendar. As with astrology from other cultures, a horoscope is created using the position of the stars and planets for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac based on the year of birth.

The Chinese Zodiac and Twelve Chinese Signs

The Five Elements

There is another layer to Chinese astrology that is less well known than the Chinese signs. Chinese astrologers use a 60 year cycle, made up of five sets of the twelve signs. The five repetitions of the signs each correspond to a different element, adding more intricacy to the animal.

The five elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

In Chinese astrology, the elements are part of a cycle; one is not higher or better than another. In fact, they have a cyclical relationship, both in positive and negative ways, so that:

Water makes Wood
Wood makes Fire
Fire makes Earth
Earth makes Metal
Metal makes Water


Water destroys Fire
Fire destroys Metal
Metal destroys Wood
Wood destroys Earth
Earth destroys Water

In addition, they can be openly aggressive and hostile:

Water resists Fire
Fire resists Metal
Metal resists Wood
Wood resists Earth
Earth resists Water

So now you know the basics of Chinese Astrology. Enjoy exploring your Chinese sign!

About the Author:

Michelle Andersen is an astrologer providing valuable tips and advice on understanding Chinese astrology, pet horoscopes, and zodiac compatibility.