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Chinese Astrology Symbols

For many centuries the people of China have relied on ancient Chinese astrology symbols to represent their horoscopes.

Chinese astrology symbols are astrological signs of 12 animals that represent a twelve year cycle that is aligned with the sun and the moon. Each one of them was carefully selected and used to represent human life and culture.

The Chinese astrology symbols

The twelve symbols of Chinese astrology were carefully chosen and represent the first twelve animals that won the race that was to be set up by ancient gods. The twelve were the ones deemed to be the best.

Rat: This symbol is said to be the same as many of the ancient Chinese emperors. People who share this symbol are said to be practical and dominant minded. You may want to look out for the rat since they can be extremely cruel and of dangerous nature.

Ox: These people are supposed to be a very sincere person who wears their heart on their sleeve.

Tiger : One of the best friends that you can have is anyone who shares this symbol. They fight hard to maintain lasting friendships.

Rabbit: People holding political office tends to be rabbit symbols. They are stubborn and do not take well to any sort of change.

Dragon: This is a strong symbol in the culture of China. The symbol is generally held by someone who has a lot of strength and intelligence.

Snake: Known for being wise, the snake symbol represents someone who cares a lot about physical appearance. They adapt well to change and love new things.

Horse: They are brave in nature, but also tend to let their defensiveness get in their way. These people are very sensitive.

Sheep: These artistic creatures tend to care about the world around them and are easily hurt by any sort of negativity.

Monkey: This is the most scientific of all the symbols. They have to be in full control of what's going on around them and tend to be a good friend.

Rooster: These people are not happy unless they can be at the center of everyone's attention.

Dog: You will never be able to find a more loyal friend than the dog. Everyone is drawn to their enigmatic personality.

Pig: Most comfortable in rural areas, they are kind hearted and love to connect with nature.

The other symbols on the Chinese astrological chart are the Yin and Yang which help you create harmony in your life. The chart uses the natural elements of nature to divide the cycle. By using these symbols you will be able to find out what the future holds for you.

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