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Learn about the Chinese Years and Chinese Elements associated with each year.


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Chinese Years and Elements

Chinese Culture >> Chinese Years and Elements

Chinese years

Chinese years revolve in cycles of ten years each. Every set of two consecutive years is governed by a Chinese cosmic element. Thus, there are five elements in all: Metal, Water. Wood, Fire and Earth. Each also has a unique color associated with it. (i.e. white, black, blue/green, red, and yellow respectively)

Finding your Chinese Element

To find your Chinese element, take into account the last figure of your year of birth. Look at the list below for a brief description of your Chinese birth element.( For example, If you were born in 1971, your element would be Metal.)

0 to 1: Metal = feelings which conduct electricity, likes power (color: white) People born in the years controlled by the Metal element will be as rigid and resolute in expression as their particular signs will permit. They are guided by strong feelings and will pursue their objectives with intensity and little hesitation. Sustained by their ambitions, they are capable of prolonged effort to get what they want. They are very sources-oriented and unwavering in their determination.

2 to 3: Water= silent & constant, influences others' thoughts (color: black) Persons born in a year dominated by the Water element have a better than average ability to communicate and to advance their ideas by influencing the thoughts of others. Other peoples minds are their vessels and help carry their creative ideas into positive action. They are basically ruled by sympathetic vibrations and convey their feelings and emotions to the best degree that their native animal sign will permit.

4 to 5: Wood = value ethics, cooperative & generous nature (color: green) People born under the auspices of the Wood element value their ethics; they have high morals and a good deal of self-confidence. They know the intrinsic value of things and their interests are wide and varied. Their expansive and cooperative natures will allow them to do things on a grand scale. They possess executive personalities because they can apportion and separate matters into the right categories and work orders. Their progressiveness and generosity enable them to take on large projects, long-term or sizable developments or expensive scientific studies -- definitely not one-man ventures.

6 to 7: Fire = attractive & impulsive, strong leadership qualities (color: red) Persons born in a year ruled by the Fire element will display above-average qualities of leadership; they are decisive and sure of themselves. They have the maximum capacity allowed by their particular sign to motivate people and bring ideas into fruition because they will be more aggressive and positive than other natives of their particular sign. Loving adventure and innovation, they will tend to take on bright new ideas readily and try to dominate others with their creativeness and originality. They do not fear risks and like to keep on the move and to explore new horizons.

8 to 9: Earth = deductive powers, prefers solid & reliable pursuits (color: yellow) People born under signs influenced by the Earth element are more concerned with functional and practical aspirations. They have excellent deductive powers and like solid and reliable pursuits on which to expend their energy. With their foresight and capacity for organization, they are effective planners and administrators. They will put whatever resources they find to optimum use and are wise and prudent in financial affairs as well as holding on to their own money. They are intelligent and most objective in directing others toward realizing well-plotted goals.

Therefore, your Chinese year of birth determines your Chinese animal sign as well as your Chinese cosmic element. If you were born between January 21, 1966 and February 8, 1967 that is, in the course of a Horse year, which was at the same time a Fire year your Chinese animal sign is Horse, and your Chinese cosmic element is Fire. In other words, you are known as a Fire Horse. Likewise, anyone born in an Earth Buffalo year is known as an Earth Buffalo.


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