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Welcome to Houston Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai Restaurants Guide.


We have the most comprehensive and in-depth reviews of Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, and, Chinese Restaurants in Houston and Chinatown. You will also find Chinese recipes, bubble tea cafe's, and a host of weekly features and spotlights introducing Chinese food and customs.


Houston Asian Restaurants Directory

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Featured Houston Chinese Restaurants Listings


Tay Do Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant


888 Chinese Restaurant. Award Winning Restaurant in Houston.





China Gourmet. Traditional Taiwanese Dishes


CoCo's Cafe. Traditional Taiwanese Dishes



Tapioca House. Bubble Tea and Taiwanese snacks cafe.



  Jungle Cafe. Bakery, Tapioca Tea.



Hong Kong's Cafe. Experience the taste of Hong Kong food.


Lai Lai Dumpling House. New Chinatown Landmark and dumpling heaven.



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>Add Your Restaurant in our Featured Listings Here..


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When it comes to cooking for a Chinese New Year celebration there are a few things you have to bear in mind. The foodstuffs that are cooked each have their very own significance and a specific reason for being prepared.

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Chinese Recipes 101

Sesame Beef, Find out more Chinese RecipesFind delicious Chinese recipes from our recipes page.

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