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The Scene

When you walk into the restaurant, you will notice the nice ambience and subdued tone of the colors used in this restaurant. The paintings and artwork on the walls are a nice touch. There are plenty of seating available.

The Food

Taiwanese dishes and noodle bowls are the main features here at Noodle House. They have my favorites, beef noodle soup and black pepper steak with noodle. Also on the menu are Taiwanese appetizers and traditional Taiwanese breakfast.

Heads Up

Noodle House is located in Diho square next to the police station.

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Customer Reviews

 -Review by Richard

This was my first time eating at this place and I am very impressed. After seeing their restaurant on this website, I like the food they served. So I went and ordered a sizzling iron steak (about 8 to 10 oz), with the black pepper sauce poured on top. This plate also come with noodle or rice, one sunny side up egg, and baby corn or other vegetable. They also serve a variety of Taiwanese dishes. I was surprised that they do have a lunch special menu too, even though it was not listed here. They have about 10 lunch special dishes for under $4.00. And it comes with soup and a drink. The food was awesome, one of the best I have tasted and the value is the " deal closer" for me. I will definitely come back!

Best of Chinatown Rating: 4.0
(scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent)

 -Review by Craig

After living in Taiwan for a couple of years I didn't fully appreciate just how much I loved the local cuisine. Waves of nostalgia wafted from the kitchen as I pursued over the menu of my favorite, mouth-watering dishes. It was like coming home after a long unexpected trip and fulfilled to the extent of my hopes and desires. The food was excellent, the atmosphere genuine, and the staff friendly, as I had come to expect from the Taiwanese. Eat at this restaurant, you'll be glad you did.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0
(scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent)




Noodle House

9160 Bellaire Blvd, Suite B
Houston, TX 77036
Tele: 713-271-5722
(Located in Diho Square)
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Lunch Special Menu

Noodle & Dumpling

Rice & Soup

Breakfast & Appetizer
Hours of Operations:
Payments Accepted

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