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The history of dumplings/jiaozi dates back to ancient times, some 500-600 years ago. As the Spring Festival marks the start of a new year, people choose to eat jiaozi to connote their wishes for good fortune in the new year. China has been perfecting the art of dumpling making since the Sung dynasty.


There is no set rule as to what makes dumping fillings. They can be anything from vegetables, meat to seafood. Whatever the fillings, the wrapping skill needs to be exquisite to make jiaozi look attractive.
Shape and variety
Chinese dumplings may be round or crescent-shaped, boiled or pan-fried. The filling may be sweet or savory; vegetarian or filled with meat and vegetables. Of course, all this variety can be confusing.
As China is a country with a vast territory, there are great difference in various regions in ways of making jiaozi or even serving it. For example, dumplings wrappers are made with a rolling stick in most areas of Beijing and Hebei Provinces, whereas in some parts of Shanxi Province and inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, wrappers are hand-pressed.

Chinese Dumplings

How to make Chinese dumplings?
To make Chinese dumplings, first of all, chop the meat into pieces and mash them, then add salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, scallions, Chinese cabbage and MSG if you like. Mix thoroughly the ingredients; add two spoonful of water if necessary.
In a big bowl, add water to flour gradually. Mix and knead by hand to form soft dough, then cover it with towel and put it aside for about an hour. Then scatter some dry flour on the board, knead and roll it into a sausage---like dough about 5 centimeters in diameter, then chop it into small pieces. Press each piece with your hand and get a pancake. Finally, to hold the pancake with your palm and put the filling in the center and wrap into half-moon shaped and seal the edges.
The next step is easy. Put the dumpling into boiling water, when it is well cooked, it is ready to be served. Before eating, you need to prepare some small dishes to contain the mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil or pepper oil [to your own taste.
Ways of serving
Ways of serving Chinese dumplings also vary from place to place. Generally, Chinese dumplings are boiled in clear water and served dry with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic or pepper oil if one likes them hot. In some parts of the Northeast China, however, dumplings are boiled in broth together with vermicelli made from bean starch, and served together.


Chinese dumplings and culture

New Year's Food
Chinese dumpling is one of the most important foods in Chinese New Year. Since the shape of Chinese dumplings is similar to ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots, they symbolize wealth. Traditionally, the members of a family get together to make dumplings during the New Year's Eve. They may hide some coins in one of the dumplings. The person who fined the coin will likely have a good fortune in the New Year. Chinese dumpling is also popular in other Chinese holidays or festivals, so it is part of the Chinese culture or tradition.

Family Link
Making dumplings is really a team work. Usually family members will join the work. Most Chinese started making dumplings when they were small. They were good at particularly making skins, which is the hardest part of making dumplings.

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Places to eat dumplings in Houston


Lai Lai Dumpling House


9262 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

(713) 271-6888


King Bo II Chinese Restaurant

皇寶樓II 酒家

4707 Hwy. 6 South.

Sugar Land, TX 77459

(281) 403-2222


CoCo's Cafe


4565 Hwy 6 South

Sugar Land, TX 77478

(281) 491-7868


888 Chinese Restaurant

1812 FM 646

Dickinson, TX 77539

(713) 272-6468


Sichuan Cuisine


9114 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036

(713) 771-6868


Tay Do Restaurant


2529 Hwy. 6 South

Houston, TX 77082

(281) 584-0097 


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