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 Houston Bubble Tea Directory

Houston Bubble Tea Directory

Contemporary Bubble Tea traces its roots back to Taiwan. Legend has it that a particular
Tea establishment attracted young customers by combining fruit juices with chilled Tea. The concept proved to be such a success that in a short time the drink became ubiquitous throughout Taiwan. So how did this amazing drink develop? First we must travel back to Taiwan into the early 1980's. Taiwan was, and still is, known for its "Night Market." This hot spot for cheap goods and snacks saw one very inventive man come up with the idea of giving consumers a nice soothing drink for the hot summer nights. He decided to combine the popular shredded ice and tea. Tea was chosen for a number of reasons. Tea is definitely part of the Asian culture and goes back hundreds of years. Tea also has a nice light taste and allows fruit flavoring to mix into it to create a refreshing drink. This turned into a big hit. Well, why Bubble Tea? To create this tasty drink you must shake it first in order to give an even taste. When all was mixed it was poured into the famous cup, but if you look closely small bubbles would form in the Tea.

Thus the original "Bubble Tea" was born. Shrewd entrepreneurs,
like Liu Han-Chieh, took this new type of Tea to the next level by introducing Tapioca Balls into the beverage. The Tapioca Pearls also looked like bubbles.

Hence, the drink was reinforced as "Bubble Tea". Bubbles at both sides
of the drink! By this point, Bubble Tea earned its signature straw, which permitted the avant-garde Tea drinker to consume Tea and "Bubbles" in a leisurely fashion. Today, Bubble Tea is spreading quickly from Taiwan to other parts of Asia and to North America. One man in the Philippines was able to establish 100 locations in two years. Areas of concentrated Asian populations in North America are already cozy with their local Bubble Tea establishments. However, "Bubble Tea" history is still in the making as this outrageous beverage is further introduced into mainstream North America. Additional variations to Bubble Tea have yet to hit the market. There are numerous names given to this diverse drink. Some of the popular ones are: Pearl Tea, Pearl Ice Tea, Black Pearl Ice Tea, QQ drinks, Nai Cha, Zhen Zhou Nai Cha, Boba Nai Cha and of course "Bubble Tea". Whatever you are inclined to call it, Bubble Tea remains as one of the most refreshing and colorful around. Bubble Tea is here to stay, and consumption will continue to explode. Below is a list of bubble tea places in Houston. Most are located in Chinatown but due to its current popularity, you will see a tremendous amount pop up at different locations very soon. So come down to Houston Chinatown today and try one for yourself!


Name   Phone Address   City Zip
Dunobaby Comics & Tea 書香園
(281) 988-9726
11209 Bellaire Blvd   Houston 77072
Star Snow Ice 明星冰谷
(713) 988-8028
9188 Bellaire Blvd. Houston 77036
Tea Zone 樂立杯
(713) 988-8866
9888 Bellaire Blvd. #168 Houston 77036
Tea-Cafe Tapioca & Snack 茶典
(713) 988-0415
9354 Bellaire Blvd. Houston 77036
Teahouse 茶典子
(713) 526-6123
2089 Westheimer Houston 77098
Tropical Tea 好迪樂
(281) 568-8122
10515 Bellaire Blvd. #C Houston 77072






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