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9100-9188 Bellaire Blvd.

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Located at the corner of Bellaire and Ranchester, Diho Square is one of the most popular shopping centers in Houston Chinatown. There are over 50 different stores in this shopping center from grocery store to restaurants to gift shops.



Noodle House 王家小館 (713) 779-3809
Tapioca House 品茶軒 (713) 272-6468
Sichaun Cuisine 老四川 (713) 771-6868
Pine Forest Garden Vegetarian Restaurant 松柏園 (713) 772-2888
Hunan Plus Chinese Restaurant 福星飯店 (713) 995-8825
Hong Kong's Cafe 香港冰室 (713) 772-9633
Bodard Restaurant 越南餐館 (713) 457-0744
Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant 北海道日本餐廳 (713) 988-8448
Grand Cafe 老餐坊 (713) 779-8889
Pho Binh Vietnamese Restaurant    
Star Snow Ice 明星冰谷

(713) 988-8028




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