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Our Picks of the Best Asian Restaurants in Houston


Lemongrass Cafe         

5109 Bellaire Blvd

Bellaire, TX 77401

Lemongrass Cafe is a Thai fusion restaurant located in Bellaire. This is a restaurant to bring your friends to when you need to catch up, because the environment is so conducive to chatting the night away.
Some of our favorite dishes:
Panko-crusted tofu (appetizer) - delectably crispy on the outside and oh-so-smooth on the inside. The special sauce complements everything perfectly. The presentation is beautiful.
Pad Thai - their version of this Thai classic puts a little twist on it. You'll have to order it to see for yourself. The free bread with dipping sauce is great as well. And all of the desserts are wonderful. Vegetarian friendly - there are plenty of veggie choices here as well.    


Miyako Grill

Miyako is an establishment which I feel prides itself on a certain authenticity, which is refreshing. Dining is possible at tables, or Japanese style. It is rather humorous that the floors in one area have recesses so that you dont have to actually sit cross legged, which would be inappropriate for all sorts of people (women with skirts, fat people, etc). Still the service is very nice, and for every 10 dollars you spend you get 1 Miyako buck which can be used later. Very good selection but none of the amazing house creations offered at Taiko. Well priced lunch offers from 7-12 dollars, and good sushi.


King Bo Ii Chinese Restaurant    

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0

4707 Hwy. 6 South

Missouri City, TX 77459

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Tele: 281-403-2222


King Bo II is one of the best Chinese restaurants you will find in the Sugar Land area. Most of our top picks have been in the Houston area so we decided to head out towards southwest Houston / sugar land and see what we can find there. After dining at this beautiful and clean restaurant, we were delighted by the warm and friendly service and great food! They have a wide selection of food including favorites like kung pao chicken, moo goo gai pan, egg foo young and chicken lo mein. Price is reasonable as well. A great addition to our "best of Chinatown" Asian restaurant in Houston list.


Tay Do Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0  

2529 Hwy. 6 South

(Located in Burlington Coat Factory shopping center)

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Tele: 281-584-0097


Tay Do offers exquisite Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. Immigrating from China to Viet Nam, and finally to the U.S. in 1979, the Tran family have carefully refined their recipes to meet the expectations and tastes of its many guests. Traditional recipes brought from their home land are prepared with the freshest and finest quality ingredients. There are plenty of dishes to choose from including their famous Maine Lobster (stir fried in black pepper with bell pepper & onions) and Vietnamese egg rolls. Their clay pot (special rice risoto topped w/ chicken, Chinese sausage, onion, and lilyflower) is also a customer favorite.        


Zake Japanese Cuisine

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0 

2946 S. Shepherd Dr.

Houston, TX 77098

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Tele: 713-995-8919


Zake is a very stylish and contemporary restaurant that provides a lot of great fusion cooking. Inside, they have a restaurant section and a lounge section. This is a very cool place to get traditional sushi at the sushi bar while enjoying modern music and the surrounding setting. Zake has DJ spinning dance music every Friday and Saturday night so after you have your meals with your friend or your date, you can just enjoy your weekend night hanging out there. Zake is also a good place to meet a lot of young professionals, so if ever you want to try some place new, meet some new people or impress your date, this is the right place to go.        


China Gourmet

Best of Chinatown Rating: 4.3   

9600 Bellaire Blvd. Suite 105

Houston, TX 77036

(located by Dynasty Supermarket)

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Tele: 713-995-8919


We love the atmosphere of this place. their Black Pepper Steak is the best. It tastes great and unique. The restaurant gets busy on the weekends. This place is a must try.


Sichuan Cuisine

Best of Chinatown Rating: 3.7

9114 Bellaire Blvd

(Located in Diho Square Shopping Center)

Houston, TX 77036

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Tele: 713-771-6868


Sichuan provides a variety of authentic Sichuan (a providence in China, meaning “four rivers” ) style food, from snacks to appetizers to full course meals. I highly recommend the House Special Crispy Chicken. The quantity is enormous and the spicy taste combined with the crispy chicken makes you ask for more. I have always heard about the famous “steam corn bun” (Wo-Wo-Tou), but never really have the chance to taste it until I had here. These steam corn bun may look like regular buns at first glance, but when you actually eat them, it gives you a totally different taste from their counterparts. Dragon Wontons is also something special. These wontons have more stuffing's and is wrapped in tender wrappings which is then dipped in the red spicy oil. It is a good snack and appetizer to start your meal.               


Nippon Japanese Restaurant         

4464 Montrose Blvd Ste W

Houston, TX 77006


Nippon is located on Montrose just a little bit passed under the 59 bridge if coming from Hermann Park. Nippon offers quality Japanese food at a fair price and the regular lunch menu is about 7 dollars. Most of the lunch dishes comes with miso soup and Japanese style salad. Their katsu-don (fried pork rice) is one of the best lunch deals. Katsu-don comes in a traditional Japanese lunch box, which contains one large piece of fried pork chop and rice. On top of the pork chop, the delicious sweeten soy bean sauce is poured on top of the rice and the port chop. This meal also comes with a bowl of miso soup and Japanese salad. The salad is a great appetizer, with the Japanese style dressing (which taste a bit like the regular ranch dressing but a bit more sweet). Japanese food at its best earning Nippon Japanese Restaurant a spot on our list.


Golden Room Restaurant         

1209 Montrose Boulevard

Houston, TX 77023

Tele: 713-524-9614


The service is friendly and the atmosphere is very charming. The owner is a delightful lady who is attentive to her customer's needs.  My favor fishes are Garlic Chicken and Spicy Mint Chicken. The basil and chicken in the dishes make the taste simply irresistible and just want to keep coming back for more. I have not had a bad meal at Golden Room for the three years, and I strongly recommend this place for all you Thai food lovers.    


Kubo's Sushi Bar & Grill        

2414 University Blvd.

Houston, TX 77005

Tele: 713-528-7878


From after work happy hour to a romantic date, Kubo's great service and use of quality ingredients earned our editors pick. This Japanese restaurant is featured in numerous local publications. Excellent sushi's and Japanese dishes draws big weekend crowds to this full-service restaurant. Located in Rice village, Kubo is a perfect place to go before or after a day of shopping in Rice Village.     


Thai Cottage         

5124 Cedar Street Houston

Bellaire, TX

Tel: 713-838-0707


Thai Cottage is a very attractive restaurant.  The atmosphere there is very cozy and relaxing.  When you eat here, it almost feels like having a family dinner at home. Thai cottage has a lot of healthy, tasty vegetarian dishes and their ginger chicken, veggie crispy rolls and shrimp Spring Rolls are delicious. Also, do not forget to order the coconut milk drink and the famous Thai tea when you eat here. Thai cottage’s drink sizes are big compared to others and taste great. These drinks are especially good on a hot summer day. I strongly recommend this place, and I hope you will find Thai cottage’s dishes as attractive as I do.           


Lucky Pot Chinese Restaurant        

9888 Bellaire Blvd #158

Houston , TX 77036 

Lucky Pot is well known for its Northern China style food. Their famous authentic cooking includes my favorite dishes, lamb dumpling, beef noodle soup, and the big plate shredded pork fried rice. Their dishes are low priced, and if you like Chinese Hot Pot, this is definitely the right place for you too. Don’t forget to try the House special and Beijing style lamb hot pot, which are one of the best in town.           


Classic Kitchen Chinese Restaurant        

9888 Bellaire Blvd. #108  

Houston , TX 77036


This is the place to eat breakfast. Classic Kitchen has a lot of different kinds of the traditional Chinese breakfast such as the soy bean drink, egg pan cake and rice ball. Here is a tip: try to go there before 11am, otherwise you might have to wait for 30 minutes before you can get a table   



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