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History of Chinese Tea

The assortments of Chinese tea that are made available are seriously extensive, and there are numerous distinct kinds that are grown throughout each of the Chinese dynasties in China. Chinese citizens are in point of fact thought to have enjoyed tea drinking in excess of 4,000 years now, and legend even contends that Yan Di, who was one of at least three major rulers in China in ancient times, tasted all different types of herbs so that they could find medical cures.

As the legend is told, at one time he was being poisoned by some peculiar herb that he had consumed and a single drop of water from a tea tree dripped right into his mouth and he was saved by it.

Chinese tea as a beverage really flourished through the Tang Dynasty, and tea shops turned into unbelievably popular during this time also. Chinese tea is still highly popular nowadays, possibly even more so since there are individuals all over the world who consume Chinese tea, as opposed to only the people of China, as things were in ancient times.

In respect to Chinese tea variations in the China trade industry, Chinese tea can essentially be categorized into seven different kinds which are as follows: black tea, white tea, flavored tea, oolong tea, green tea, compressed tea, and instant tea. It can likewise be then additionally separated into two more standard groups: basic tea group and the reprocessed tea group.

The substances for the basic tea variations are simply that of the fresh tea leaves that are picked from the tea plants themselves, and corresponding to various processing techniques and different oxidation degrees of the polyphenols, the fundamental tea types would comprise that of the following six types:
White tea, Black Tea, yellow tea, dark tea, Green Tea, Pu-erh Tea, and oolong tea.

Then again, in respect to the reclaimed tea group, this concerns any of the fundamental teas that are utilized as substances for reprocessing, and in certain cases other added materials are contributed as well. Likewise, corresponding to different processing techniques, the reclaimed tea group can fundamentally be relegated as the following: scented teas, compressed teas, fruit flavored teas, spiced teas, extracted teas, health teas, and so on.

There are also numerous different places where you can buy these teas, and you can normally find them for an very reasonable cost. If you have not sampled any of these teas, you ought to, since the health benefits and benefits that you can get from them are great.

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