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Chinese Valentine's Day

It's that the time of the year again February 14th Valentine's Day! But before I tell you how you can use a love letter to make your Valentine's Day a day to remember, I'd like to tell you about another Valentine's Day February 21st 2008.

February 21st 2008 is another Valentine's Day, a Chinese version, which is the fifteen day of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese follow a lunar calendar which basically falls on different days every year. I am telling you this so that you can celebrate both. Wouldn't it be nice that when you celebrate the February 14th and then invite the other person for another celebration February 21st. Not many people will know this but now you do. I will tell you a little more about Chinese Valentine's Day.

Most of us know about Valentine's Day but the Chinese Valentine's Day is a rather unique story. In the old days, men and women did not meet so freely. Valentine's Day was the only day that the women, especially those who were single, were allowed to dress up and go out to have fun. Their version of fun was to go a place especially near a sea-side. They would be at their best dressed. Of course, the men would be there too and they would be on the look-out for the prettiest girls. Eye contact would fly all over the place between the men and women. The men would try to find out where the girls of their choice stayed and later would make a proposition to the girl's family for her hand in marriage, if he still liked her. Now, during the old days, men and women seldom talked to each other. During these special outings, the girls would also throw oranges into the sea and make a prayer that they would find a suitable husband.

In the modern times, there are significant differences. Nowadays, men and women interact comfortably. However, in some places especially predominantly Chinese areas, throwing of oranges is still being practiced but with a little twist. Women will write their name and phone number on the oranges now and the men will take a boat to collect them. I guess nowadays, this practice is just for fun. You could take this knowledge and device your very own special Valentine's Day on February 21st, 2008 and make it different and special.

To make that special day even more unique, you can plan a series of events to happen before that special day and love letters plays a major role. Imagine a few days before Valentine's Day, you can write a series of love letters leading up to that day. This will create an exciting and highly anticipated atmosphere.

The love letter will not just enhance the special day but will express intangible thoughts and feelings. In fact, with the love letter, the special day is enhanced. The love letter has an inherent quality namely effort and that effort will transcend to the special day. The recipient will feel the amount of effort you have put into preparing for Valentine's Day.

The love letter for this situation must be something personal. It is better if you can recollect an event which only the both of you shared and then say how much it meant to you. The love letter can be about friendship, spousal love, missing you love and even sorry type letters.

Often, when one masters the art of writing a love letter, and shares wonderful moments in life with close ones, it often bring lots of joy.

So think of love letters as a means of capturing life's moments onto paper. Try it and be amazed by its effects. 

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Catherine Preth is passionate about love and relationship building and believes that everything in life hinges on them. Catherine is the author of and where she explains how to do the simplest thing to enhance relationships between people.