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Chinese Wedding Theme

A Chinese wedding theme is perfect for anyone who enjoys Chinese customs, traditions, decorations and fashions. If you are one of these people, a Chinese theme could be the perfect theme for you. Here are some ideas on how you can create a custom Chinese themed wedding.

Color Scheme
There are two color schemes that are common to use for this theme:
• Pale blue, pink, silver and white
• Red, black and gold

• Cut your invitations into the shape of a fan
• Use a metallic pen (silver or gold) for the wording
• Use Chinese symbols and characters on your invitations that represent good luck and prosperity. Some example are:
- Butterflies flitting between flowers, which symbolizes that you are going to be blessed with good things.
- The symbol of fish swimming, which means that the couple will be blessed with happiness and fortune in an unlimited quantity.

• Bamboo, paper lanterns, decorative fans
• Decorate the walls with paintings of dragons and Chinese symbols
• Paper or silk lanterns can decorate the reception room and provide ambiance.

• Peonies
• Orchids
• Citron
• Lilies
• Cherry Blossoms

• Personalized chopsticks
• Chinese take-out boxed filled with candy or chocolates
• Decorative fans
• Fortune cookies

Serve traditional Chinese food, things like:
• Fish
• Chicken with red oil
• Pot stickers
• Tea
• Chinese beer or wine

Wedding Cake
* The wedding cake could have a dragon and phoenix decoration on it. This is the way the smaller Happiness cakes were decorated. They used to be given to the bride's family by the groom's family as a proposal gift.
* Or simply adorn your cake with your favorite Chinese flowers and
Chinese symbols.

* The bride should not wear white. In Chinese culture, white is worn at funerals. The bride should choose red and black to be worn in the wedding. Red and black are for luck and prosperity.
* Wear Chinese style clothing to bring an authentic look to you wedding.

So get creative and take some time to find out more about the traditions of Chinese culture. It's a great way to make your wedding unique and fun!
Good luck!

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