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Feng Shui - A Chinese Love Horoscope

Sherry came across as quite the activist to Matthew today. She gave a lecture (well, almost!) chronicling the harsh treatment man has meted out to helpless animals since time immemorial. Matthew couldn't help wonder what had led to her tirade when all that he'd done was mention his neighbor's dog had remained unfed for two days.

While it did seem like Sherry had raved and ranted about hapless creatures for the most part of their online date today, what was really troubling him was that up until now she'd seemed like a fun-loving girl. Could he have got it all wrong? Did she always blow things out of proportion? Did they have a compatibility issue?

What do you think Matthew did?

Well, he didn't have to do much really. His eyes fell on the astrology link of his free online dating site. A click on the link brought
Chinese Astrology to life. Out of sheer curiosity, Matthew decided to read it through. He was amazed to discover that Chinese astrology went back to over a thousand years before Christ. "Wow!" thought Matthew, "if it's been around that long it must have some enduring content."

Here's some of the other stuff he discovered...

There are twelve animals in the
Chinese Calendar and they are ranked in a particular order. These are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each animal represents certain traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Each year is named after a year. For example: the year of the Rat and so on. After every 12 years, a new cycle begins. Apart from this, an year will also have one of the five natural elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood attached to it. These elements represent the five planets and the positions of the planets influences the persons born under them.

A complete cycle lasts sixty years, and covers all animals and elements. It begins with the year of the Rat and ends with the
Year of the Pig. The science behind Chinese horoscopes is that time and its effect on human births are used in order to classify human nature.

Sherry was born in 1970, the year of the Dog. Those born in the year of the Dog are crusaders by nature. "Figures," thought Matthew. Suddenly Sherry's outburst made sense. Always looking for a cause to fight, these people don't rest until they've expressed their opinions. What's more, stability and dependability are their hallmarks - qualities anyone would love in a partner or spouse.

Feng Shui Chinese love horoscope had just made Matthew's day! He was pleased to learn that he was a Horse and the compatibility horoscope for the Dog and the Horse bode well.

So if your partner goes from amiability to aggression in a matter of seconds, don't be alarmed. Just click your way to
Feng Shui: A Chinese Love Horoscope' on your free online dating site. He could be a "Tiger" ready to command and confront. And if you love a good fight, could you ask for more!

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