Houston Community News >> National Museum of Funeral History, Houston

So you have done all of the ordinary stuff. You have been to the local art museum, you have been to the space center and you have even been o see the Astrodome. Now maybe you want to do something a little different. But what can you do? Why not visit the National Museum of Funeral History. The Museum of Funeral History is owned by a funeral company and has the biggest collection of funeral artifacts in the world. It sounds like a weird place but you will probably find it quite interesting and will probably give you a few weird stories to tell when you get home. So what all is in this museum?

For starters, you can find a civil war embalming exhibit. See how Dr. Thomas Holmes practiced embalming on the battle field and how he helped make it a common procedure in America.

Next check out the Hall of Fame. It honors industry leader who have made advancements or improvements to the funeral industry.

Another attraction is a 1921 Rockfalls motorized hearse. This hearse weighs over 4500 pounds and is 8 feet tall and 19 feet long. Powered by a 29 horsepower engine and composed of 6 different kinds of wood, this restored hearse is a magnificent sight.

If you think that you might like to visit the museum when you are in Houston you should call the information line at 281-876-3063 for current hours of operation. It is located at 415 Barren Springs Dr in Houston. It may not be the most normal of attractions but it will definitely give you something to talk about.

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